The Lagoon Seventy 7, a tennis-court sized catamaran that caters to your sailing needs

Lagoon Seventy 7

Hull or high water

A catamaran’s beauty is in the promise of serene seaworthiness, and as the segment world leader, Lagoon has a reputation for delivering on its every ship. The builder’s reach and reputation in the sailing world are such that in some markets, any catamaran is referred to as a Lagoon whether or not it sailed out of the yard in Bordeaux.

Responding to overwhelming demand that the grace and competency of the 62-foot 620 be scaled up to an even larger sailing twin-hull, Lagoon has launched this colossal supreme Seventy 7. For such an undertaking, Lagoon assembled an illustrious team of French naval architects Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prevost, Patrick le Quement and Italian vessel interior design outfit Nauta Design. The very size of the Seventy 7 also mandated a larger assembly facility, which Lagoon duly commissioned.

Lagoon Seventy 7
The impressive Lagoon Seventy 7 from above

For its maiden Asian sea trial, hull number 1 sailed out of the Simpson Marine service shipyard in Aberdeen, Hong Kong, and dropped anchor at Deep Water Bay. Her proportions are elegant to say the least, despite covering an area of almost 300 square metres — an entire tennis court.

Two main connected spaces make full use of the 12-metre width of the Seventy 7, the trampoline forward and the aft deck. At the latter sits a platform connecting the two transom skirts on which to place recreational sea toys or simply for relaxation. Expanding on the variety of stations from which to gaze over the open sea are the reclined sun lounges at either side of the cockpit facing aft, for example. These are accessible on either side via a bulwark-protected promenade. Up top on the massive flybridge, a more commanding vantage point is found in a secondary living area.

In the saloon, one may leisurely take in the panoramic view while dining or enjoying a relaxing drink at the bar — with flanking access to the cabins and galley. A number of arrangements are offered which include between three and five cabins with the galley place either forward or aft in the port hull. A cabin may also be specified as a meeting room or theatre should an owner be so inclined.

It is downstairs in the owners cabin that both Lagoon’s expertise in this class of vessel and also the inherent stability offered by a twin-hull translate into a world first feature. At the push of a button, a terrace built into the wall of the starboard hull gently folds out into the waters. As there is minimal rocking due to the wide surface area of a catamaran, those aboard may enjoy the view and environment as close to the sea as possible without even venturing out of the master quarters. The most accurate manner in which to envision this is as an optional private beach.

Lagoon offers two engine choices, a pair of 180hp Volvo mills or, for slightly swifter movement, 230hp John Deere units. Either of these are more than up to the task, but the real magic occurs when the engines power off and she is allowed to glide with the wind. For those who relish the experience only a grand catamaran can offer, the Lagoon Seventy 7 (€2.8 million, S$4.4 million base price before customisation) is available regionally through luxury yacht dealer Simpson Marine.

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