Luxury adventure cruises: National Geographic’s new state-of-the-art cruise ship adds a dose of luxury to your Arctic expedition

national geographic resolution

Though built specifically for polar sailings, the Resolution will also venture to other parts of the world

Through its publications, television channels and branded tours, National Geographic has long helped connect adventure-seekers with the hidden treasures of all seven continents. Now, it’s giving us one more reason to start packing, with the introduction of its second polar expedition ship to combine state-of-the-art technology with luxe creature comforts.

Following the July 2021 launch of Endurance – the first new polar build in the line’s history–the legendary travel brand has just unveiled its sister ship, the Resolution. As with all National Geographic-branded ships, Resolution is owned and operated by Lindblad Expeditions, which also offers thrilling itineraries in over 40 global destinations. Like the Endurance, the Resolution—so named in honour of the second voyage of Captain James Cook – was purpose-built for comfortable polar exploration, and features cutting-edge tech that will allow passengers to venture to where few have gone before when the ship sets off on its first itinerary this November.

The ship features a Polar Class 5 classification (the highest of the ice classes) and a patented X-Bow design that allows for smoother, quieter sailings will less bow impact (and less ocean spray, resulting in better views.) Up to 126 guests can be accommodated in the 69 cabins, each of which comes with large exterior windows or balconies, private bathrooms, WiFi and a command center with tablets and device docks.

Spread out over the Resolution’s five decks are everything you’ll need to luxuriously journey to the edges of the planet. For leisure time, travelers will have access to a lounge with a bar, a gym, yoga studio, an outdoor infinity-edge pool and a hot tub, as well as a sauna with outside views. National Geographic has also incorporated a library, state-of-the-art screening facilities and a photo workshop to help keep guests occupied. The two restaurants will each focus on regionally-sourced menus, while a special chef’s table will offer a more intimate group dining option.

Additional services will include a full-time doctor, a wellness specialist, laundry service and an internet café. However, what will truly help these journeys standout are the services of a National Geographic photographer and a Lindblad-National Geographic photo instructor and video chronicler, who will be onboard to capture every moment. For off-board activities at each destination, the Resolution will be carrying motorised landing craft, snowshoes, kayaks, skis and undersea equipment.

The vessel is set to embark on 17 November 2021 for its first 24-day course through Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands. Single and double occupancy suites are available, with rates starting at US$28,750 (S$38,870) per person. For travelers interested in a shorter trip, a separate 14-day Journey to Antarctica itinerary will be available in December and January, with tickets starting at US$16,450 (S$22,240) per person.

Early bookings for 2022 expeditions aboard the Resolution are also now available. Additional routes will include travels to Alaska, Japan and Scotland, to name a few stops, and itineraries will stretch up to 29 days. Visit National Geographic website for the latest details on itineraries, activities and rates.

This story was first published on Robb Report USA