Pullman Singapore Hill Street offers a restful, railway-inspired retreat

entrance of Pullman Singapore Hill Street

Pullman Singapore Hill Street celebrates the golden age of railway travel, providing guests with a sophisticated and stylish experience

George Pullman’s 19th-century innovation of luxury sleeper cars left an indelible mark in the travel industry, bringing a level of comfort and elegance previously unseen on railways. These opulent Pullman cars, with their lavish interiors, plush seating, and premium dining services, elevated overnight train travel to a prestigious affair. While they are no longer in regular service on commercial rail lines, railway fans can get a soupçon of the locomotive experience through Pullman Singapore Hill Street, a hotel drawing inspiration from the historic innovation.   

lobby of pullman singapore hill street
Guests are immediately greeted with vintage charm. Photo by Pullman Singapore Hill Street

As guests enter Pullman Singapore Hill Street, they are greeted with old-world charm and glamour. Immediately, the eyes are drawn to an artful display of vintage suitcases on both sides of the entrance. This charming tableau is pleasing to the eyes, but one will get the sense it is signalling something more purposeful—an invitation to fully immerse in the railway experience. Elegant lines and a meticulous spatial design characterise the hotel’s aesthetic, mirroring the opulence and comfort of the iconic Pullman railway cars. 

This thoughtful design approach extends to the rooms. The Deluxe Room, for example, with its open wardrobe fitted with dark wood and brass accents, whispers tales of yesteryear. Rooms are outfitted with intelligent technology, allowing for the customisation of ambiance through lighting and temperature. Additionally, it comes with Nespresso machines and Grohe faucets. These modern conveniences are seamlessly intertwined with the room’s vintage appeal, and never serve as barriers to immersion.

Pullman Singapore Hill Street Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room. Photo by Pullman Singapore Hill Street

Beyond the allure of the rooms, the hotel beckons with its amenities. The outdoor swimming pool, boasting inviting cabanas and jacuzzi, acts as a relaxing sanctuary, while the Power Fitness gym provides opportunities for personalised training and physiotherapy sessions under the guidance of professionals.

Pool of Pullman Singapore Hill Street
The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool offers a relaxing space. Photo by Pullman Singapore Hill Street

But what really shines, is its dining options. Madison’s, positioned on the ground floor, reimagines the quintessential American deli, serving up a melange of New York-style bagels, burgers, and sandwiches that tantalise the taste buds. Whether your palate leans towards the sweet or the savoury, Madison’s array of baked delights offers the ideal accompaniment to an afternoon repose.

food from Madison at Pullman Singapore Hill Street
Sweet or savoury, Madison’s menu tantalises the taste buds. Photo by Pullman Singapore Hill Street

For dinner, head to Moga, where guests can savour the flavours of Japan through a selection of sharing plates, expertly mixed cocktails, and sake. Hidden behind a discreet door in the hotel and inspired by the spirited ambiance of 1920s Japan and the Prohibition Era, this modern Japanese Izakaya and cocktail bar, also offers a delectable menu with offerings like the Miso Grilled Codi, and the Tokyo Broil featuring sumptuous cuts of A3 Wagyu. For those seeking a lighter fare, the Tsumami section provides nibbles, such as the Tiger Prawn Tempura, and the nuanced flavours of sashimi. Be sure to end the meal with the Black Sesame Gelato, a dessert of exquisite flavours and textures completed with the ideal balance of sweetness—the perfect epilogue to a scrumptious meal.

interior of MOGA at Pullman Singapore Hill Street
Moga offers a delectable izakaya experience. Photo by Pullman Singapore Hill Street

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