The Macallan Colour Collection marks the brand’s return of age-statement whiskies to travel retail

By Hannah Choo 9 December, 2023

What you want for Christmas this year is The Macallan. Alex Robertson, The Macallan’s Global Head of Advocacy, will tell you why

For those spending the festive season away from home, don’t forget to hit duty free before you fly. It’s every whisky completist’s favourite haunt, even if it means flying out of the way for a travel exclusive or special edition. For the uninitiated, The Macallan Colour Collection marks the brand’s return of age-statement whiskies to travel retail, and travellers passing through Changi can grab a 12, 15, 18, 21 or 30 Years Old. The launch shines the spotlight on The Macallan’s commitment to natural colour, with each single malt whisky aged in sherry-seasoned oak casks for that distinct character and deep natural hue. Adding more colour and character to the collection is US graphic designer David Carson, whose vibrant set of designs take inspiration from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, where its oak casks are made.

Behind every successful release is a strong team. To find out a little more about the collection and the brand, we speak with Alex Robertson, The Macallan’s Global Head of Advocacy who creatively drives the brand’s storytelling agenda with a team across 48 countries.

Alex Robertson, The Macallan’s Global Head of Advocacy. Photo by The Macallan

“Everything that we do is based on our foundational Six Pillars. They encompass the strong sense of people, place and passion, and support our experience of distilling and maturing the finest single malt whisky and our mastery of spirit and wood. Together, they underpin the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky.

We continuously evolve the way we creatively engage our discerning whisky consumers, and the way we innovate, to stay relevant and appealing, while still maintaining our commitment to exceptional quality and traditions. 

We are committed to working with the world’s most brilliant and talent people. For example, we have the pleasure of working with graphic designer and artist, David Carson, for several collaborations, including The Macallan Colour Collection. We look forward to continuing this relationship with him and our other partners as well in the future. 

The Macallan’s Colour Collection is a visual celebration of the brand’s commitment to natural colour, which is one of our Six Pillars. It is a new range of exceptional age statement whiskies that showcases the radiant tones of the whisky spectrum, with the colours deepening through each age expression.

Each age statement offers a different palate of tasting notes and a unique colour profile, and it is a wonderful way for new and loyal consumers to discover new expressions and experiences with the brand.

I love the vibrant hues that transport you to the vineyards and streets of Jerez de la Frontera. The evolution of flavour from the vanilla sweetness of the 12 Year Old through to the toasted oak of the 15 Year Old, and  the orange notes of the 18 Year Old through to the 21 and 30. For me, it is all about the incomparable flavour that demonstrates mastery of the spirit.

We prefer for our whiskies to speak for themselves, and together with the stories behind the creation of our single malt, we strive to give our consumers an unforgettable experience. 

Storytelling through experiences is advocacy at its heart. It brings to life the heritage, craft, and flavour of The Macallan, and provides a compelling reason to believe in your choice. It brings me satisfaction and joy when someone leaves an experience with a better understanding of our heritage and mastery behind each dram.”

The Macallan