Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Evelina Lye, head of regional creator marketing (APAC) at Meta and co-founder of UNTAM3D

By Robb Report Singapore 30 August, 2023

“Our greatest challenges become the stepping stones to our greatest achievements,” says Evelina Lye, head of regional creator marketing (APAC) at Meta, Co-Founder of UNTAM3D, and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

Evelina Lye is proof that as vast a corporation may be, it can still impact society on a grassroots level if the right people steer it. With the IRL and URL worlds becoming increasingly synonymous, Evelina’s position in Meta is an irreducibly crucial and influential one from which she ensures that the platform’s biggest creators communicate with their audiences in a constructive and growth-minded manner.

Lye’s unshakable commitment to empowerment is also writ large in UNTAM3D, an agency she co-founded in 2022 to help women+ (a term that centres women but is inclusive of others who are underrepresented or face gender-based biases) communities harness the power of Web3 creatively and commercially. Make no mistake: in her endeavours, we can take comfort in knowing that big tech, too, can have a big heart.

How did you get to be in your current role?

For more than 15 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of creative, digital and technology across the United Kingdom, Asia, and Australia. I’d love to say each new step was carefully planned and executed; however, it’s all been very opportunistic. Saying ‘yes’ when it felt right, embracing unexpected chances and following my gut has shaped most of my career so far.

How do you overcome obstacles at work?

Silencing my own inner critic, particularly in my early career years, has been tremendously powerful. Embracing ‘imposter syndrome’ and a ‘do it anyway’ attitude in the face of uncertainty have allowed me to take bolder steps. Overcoming this ‘inner critique’ is a lifelong practice but each time I do, I surprise myself with just how many doors I can open.

It’s true what they say: sometimes, our greatest challenges become the stepping stones to our greatest achievements.

What have you done recently that you are most proud of?

Coming together with my amazing co-founders (Grace Clapham, Stephanie Dickson, Saranta Gattie, Karen Lam, Grace Astari) to co-found UNTAM3D.

The mission is to ‘Activate One Million Women+ in APAC To Claim Their Future Web3 and Emerging Technology’. Technology is moving this way and we’re committed to supporting women+ in the region to realise their full potential.

Since our launch, we’ve grown to over 1,200 members with women+ representatives from across the region. By fostering genuine connections and facilitating valuable interactions, we aim to solidify our impact and create a vibrant network that empowers and uplifts women+ in the world of emerging technology.


Photography by Eugene Lee, Enfinite Studio

Hair & Makeup by Sophia and Victoria, Suburbs Studio