Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Jasmine Tuan, co-founder of Cloop

Meet Jasmine Tuan, co-founder of Cloop and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

As an environmentalist, Jasmine Tuan is hyper-aware that diligently practising what one preaches is foundational for the greater good. And as ardent lover of clothes, she is intimately aware of the culpability of the fashion industry in taxing the planet.

Hence, Cloop (‘Closing The Fashion Loop’), a recycling and upcycling enterprise that aims to minimise overconsumption and waste in the fashion space, a platform from which Tuan’s zero-waste gospel can reach the masses.

Her ardour has led to swapping, up-cycling and recycling blossoming in popularity and regularity at the ground level in Singapore. It is reported that Cloop helped save over 1.3 million kilograms of clothing from the trash last year. And at last count, it installed over 300 yellow recycling bins in neighbourhoods across Singapore, where people can drop off unwanted clothes, textiles, shoes, and accessories.

How does your work align with your personal values?

If we are what we eat, we are also what we wear.

I am unable to unlearn truths I’ve discovered. So, the next step is to take action, including finding solutions that are more sustainable for everyone. I started mindful consumption after learning about zero waste principles and applied them to my own lifestyle and have been reducing waste in a fun and creative manner. It also exposed me to freeganism, swapping and minimalism.

How has what you are doing affected your fashion choices?

I stopped buying fast fashion after I learned about the detrimental effects the industry has on people, animals and the planet. I now swap instead of shop. If I must buy, I buy less, buy local, ethical, and well-made. As a consumer or global citizen, I know I have the power to vote with my dollar.

What do you consider to be your top professional achievement and what do you have your sights on next?

Making textile recycling bins available in Singapore together with our zero-waste recycling partner. We hope to roll out more bins nationwide as awareness and usage increase.

What motivates you?

Love, nature, and good design, be it graphic, architecture, fashion or art. I love live rock, blues, soul and jazz music at unassuming local bars. Good conversations, stories and ideas. Travelling and experiencing new places and cultures, as well as people doing amazing creative work.

What legacy do you hope you’ll leave for your children?

I don’t have children, but I hope to inspire young people to just get out there and experience life! Life is outside of our mobile phones and computers. Get out! Look up!


Photography by Eugene Lee, Enfinite Studio

Hair & Makeup by Sophia and Victoria, Suburbs Studio