Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Vihari Sheth Poddar, Founder of Vihari Jewels


“Don’t let success destroy who you really are as a person,” says Vihari Poddar, Founder of Vihari Jewels and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

Diamonds have been a part of Vihari Poddar’s family bloodline for generations. The daughter of Rajesh Sheth – founder of diamond company House of Gems – Vihari realised as a young girl that jewellery was always going to be in the cards for her. From selling jewellery to her high school teacher at 16, to professionally entering the industry at 20, to launching Vihari Jewels’ first physical boutique at Paragon, and eventually owning one of the world’s largest Burmese unheated pigeon blood’s ruby collections, Vihari was destined for success in the world of gemstones.

Even after achieving such heights, Vihari never considers herself a jeweller first. That title goes to being a mother of three. Being able to juggle both work and family, Vihari has remained very involved in the lives of her children. Although challenging at times, this delicate balance is something she prioritises and intends to maintain.

Where do you see this industry going in the future? Also, name one common misconception about your industry that you would change if you could.

This is a growing industry, a great industry for alternative assets. I think people believe in upgrading and diversifying their traditional portfolios. Oftentimes, these same people will look into buying gems, paintings and watches.

A common misconception is that diamonds are only for women and vanity purposes. Diamonds are God’s gift to nature and will only continue to get more scarce as we see mines around us shutting down.

What is your idea of success?

When you go home and your kids give you the biggest hug and tell you how important you are to them, and that you made a difference on them by sharing your values and giving them the upbringing they deserve.

What kind of advice would you give someone who is already successful?

Live, breathe and enjoy your success, but don’t let it destroy who you really are as a person. That person is the one who earned you your success.

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