Embrace the world anew with the Scott Dunn Private life-enriching journeys

By Alvin Wong 1 February, 2024

Travel with absolute discretion and luxury with Scott Dunn Private

The plan, really, is not having to plan. Perhaps just have the luggage packed, climate- and occasion-appropriate, and ready to roll. Of course, you’d know what to expect from this vacation. After all, your demands and desires have been strictly conveyed and executed. But wait. That’s not entirely accurate, either. Because what is travel without an element of surprise and delight?

For members of Scott Dunn Private, the by-invite-only cognoscenti of discerning travellers who are committed to an annual spend of US$100,000 for the company’s white-gloved door-to-the-world service, the above is the least one can expect. There is unbridled luxury, of course. From arrangements to fly private at your convenience, to access to exclusive accommodations of your choice. But indulgences in luxury travel shouldn’t be reduced to logistical pampering, opines Mike Harlow, general manager of Scott Dunn Asia.

Scott Dunn Private believes in delivering travel ideas and experiences that are thoughtful, relevant and meaningful. Photo from Scott Dunn Private

“We believe that travel consists of journeys that are designed to enrich your life story over the years,” he says. “That’s why we work closely with our members to develop personal and meaningful travel maps, while providing inspiration and ideas based on what’s important to them and who they are.”

So then, what you truly need to travel the Scott Dunn Private way, is an idea. A spark of what you wish to experience and the company will coax it into reality. Fancy a booking out a Bavarian castle to enjoy a romantic dinner for two? Or organising a treasure hunt with your kids through Egypt’s Karnak Temple—led by a renowned Egyptologist, no less? How about engaging a superstar DJ for a private party for your mates in the Swiss Alps? As far-out as they sound, these ideas are encouraged and entertained.

“Creativity is what transforms every dimension of each member’s journey,” says Harlow. “Hyper-personalisation is key to creating unforgettable experiences, especially in the UHNW sector, where guests are already very well-travelled and well versed in the finer things in life. We’ve had the pleasure of accommodating a wide range of requests over the years — some of our guests jokingly refer to us as ‘travel genies’ because of our ability to make seemingly impossible things possible.”

At the heart of every Scott Dunn Private’s experience is a private relationship manager. Whether you know exactly what you want, or wish for someone to bounce ideas off, that person is who you’d speak to and will help—in no uncertain terms—take care of the rest. Also, there is no need to worry about laborious check-ins, privacy concerns at hotels, or unforeseen hiccups. On-call 24/7 wherever you are in the world, your private relationship manager will be your only point of contact throughout the entire journey.

No world is too inaccessible for members of Scott Dunn Private. Photo from Scott Dunn Private

“Our private relationship managers are advisors, managers, and guides all in one. They are also prolific travellers themselves with years of first-hand experience of the HNW and UHNW lifestyle,” adds Harlow. “They have their own little black books to fascinating personal contacts from all over the world.”

In his oft-quoted take on making new discoveries, French author Marcel Proust suggests that “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes”. Pampered by intuitive bespoke service, unrivalled insights to dream destinations, and life-enriching experiences, members of the Scott Dunn Private community know fully well what it means to not just see the world, but embrace it anew.

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