Sincere Fine Watches commemorates 70 years with limited-edition watches

dial of Moritz Grossman Hamatic Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

Themed “A New Era,” the milestone heralds a bold future for the retailer

Since its inception in 1954, Sincere Fine Watches has cultivated a reputation for curating rare and exquisite timepieces, appealing to the discerning tastes of watch connoisseurs across Asia. With a footprint that spans over 20 boutiques, the retailer has played a pivotal role in introducing some of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers to Asia—boasting a diverse portfolio of over 40 brands.

With 70 years under their belt, Sincere Fine Watches is ready to face the future. As part of their march into a new era, Sincere Fine Watches is introducing The Horology Lab, an initiative aimed at deepening appreciation for watchmaking through hands-on workshops. The educational platform, christened the Experiential Atelier, invites patrons to explore the delicate art of movement assembly and dial decoration. 

Ong Ban, ceo of Sincere Fine Watches
Sincere Fine Watches is Singapore’s oldest name in luxury watch retail, with 70 years under their belt. Photo by Sincere Fine Watches

The retailer will also be unveiling a collection of limited-edition timepieces created in collaboration with esteemed watchmaking houses such as Franck Muller, Chopard, and Czapek & Cie. Dubbed the Platinum Jubilee timepieces, the limited-edition watches pay homage to the retailer’s 70 years of service and will be released from May to November 2024. 

The first watch in the collection, the Moritz Grossmann Hamatic Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition, has already been revealed—setting the tone for what’s to come. Limited to just 10 pieces, the timepiece comes in a wearable 41mm gold case that features the 70th anniversary logo of Sincere Fine Watches on its open caseback.

dial of Moritz Grossman Hamatic Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition
Moritz Grossman is the first of the limited-edition collection commemorating 70 years of Sincere Fine Watches. Photo by Moritz Grossman

The dial, made from goldstone, is mesmerising—its array of glittery dots reminiscent of a celestial night sky. The dial marks the first time the German brand has worked with goldstone—a material made from heating glass and copper at high temperatures.

movement of Hamatic Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition
The movement uses a unique hammer-style system. Photo by Moritz Grossman

Powering the watch is Moritz Grossmann’s unique Hamatic system automatic calibre 106.0. Inspired by the movements found in the earliest perpetually winding pocket watches, the movement features an oscillating pendulum-like weight called a hammer instead of a rotor. As the hammer moves back and forth, it engages with levers that make the gears turn, winding the mainspring. The movement can also be wound by hand and delivers 72 hours of power reserve.

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