Singapore Watch Club partners with Vacheron Constantin to show how to do limited editions right

Singapore Watch Club partners with Vacheron Constantin to make its latest commemorative editions with a twist

Forget about fussing over a new dial colour or engravings bearing the words “limited edition”. One of the country’s foremost horology enthusiasts’ group, Singapore Watch Club (SWC), has upped the game on commemorative editions to celebrate its eighth anniversary.

Known for its strong social media presence (58,900 followers on its aesthetically curated Instagram account and counting), commitment to elevate watch appreciation in Singapore, and the seriously heavyweight timepieces that its members own, SWC knows a thing or two about having taste in watches.

The 15 Historiques Chronograph Ref. 47101 watches are all from the personal collections of SWC members. Photo by SWC

Since its inception, SWC has taken pains to mark its anniversaries with exceptional limited edition watches. From a set of unique Hublot Classic Fusion watches with woven linen dials and applied Chinese calligraphy hour markers, to 18 one-of-a-kind Cartier watches for its sixth anniversary, the group is unabashed about flexing its creativity—and watch industry friendships.

For its eighth anniversary this year, SWC has levelled up yet again, this time with help from Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest running watch manufacture since 1755. Instead of rolling out brand new timepieces with the brand, SWC had its members send in 15 pieces of their own Historiques Chronograph Ref. 47101 to be restored and marked with subtle commemorative ornamentation.

Tom Chng, founder of SWC (left), and Christian Selmoni, style and heritage director of Vacheron Constantin. Photo by SWC

“We were throwing around ideas. But since many members already have a substantial number of the Ref. 47101, we thought, ‘Wait a minute, is there something we could do with those?'” says Tom Chng, founder of SWC.

Regarded among Vacheron Constantin’s most coveted classic-style chronographs, the slim, manual-winding Historiques Chronograph Ref. 47101 takes its design cues from the company’s vintage chronographs from the 1940s. Introduced in 1991, the collection is loved by collectors for its unassuming throwback allure, technical refinement, and top-notch finishing.

For the SWC editions, Vacheron Constantin restored the watches (including a complete overhaul of the movements), and added thoughtful touches such as adding a hand-engraved gold bridge with the club’s initials, as well as colouring the central chronograph seconds hand in red. Additionally, the updates are added to archival documentation to ensure ironclad provenance.

“Watches tell stories, inviting us to travel back in time, to retrace origins. This specific project reflects Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the conservation, restoration, transmission, and continuous enrichment of its heritage and traditional skills,” says Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin’s style and heritage director, in a press statement.

The tip of the chronograph seconds hand is coloured in red to symbolise “the values of universal brotherhood.. and the Singaporean spirit”. Photo by SWC

“What I love most about this project is the concept is only possible through a passionate community. The heritage angle also works very well for Vacheron Constantin as it is focused on its past and as it does the present,” adds Chng.

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