The Macallan and Balmoral Hotel team up on an ultra-luxe whisky experience

By Jonah Flicker 6 June, 2024

The Horizon Whisky Experience will cost you a cool £100,000

If you like sipping high-end whisky while ensconced in luxury accommodations, you’re in luck. The Macallan has partnered with five-star hotel the Balmoral in Edinburgh on a new whisky experience that includes a two-night stay, a visit to the distillery in Speyside, and a bottle of the US$50,000 the Macallan Horizon, released in partnership with Bentley earlier this spring.

The Macallan Horizon is a single malt whisky aged in six first-fill sherry-seasoned oak casks, but the real reason why this limited-edition release was so expensive is because of the partnership with Bentley Motors. That was encapsulated in the bottle’s design, a horizontally shaped decanter wrapped in recycled copper and oak from the barrels the whisky was matured in that is surrounded by an aluminum ribbon. This bottle, which looks more like a spaceship than a single malt scotch, can be yours if you book the Horizon Whisky Experience which runs through August.

This experience is luxury from start to finish. It begins at the Balmoral, one of Edinburgh’s top hotels that is home to the city’s renowned Scotch whisky bar, which is where Horizon is located in a custom-built cabinet. Have a sip there or save it for later—it’s your choice, because you’ll also get a membership to the Scotch club that includes whisky concierge service and the ability to store your bottle in an engraved bottle keep.

You’ll spend a night in the Scone & Crombie suite, named after a historic palace and castle in Scotland, and then head up to Speyside to visit the Macallan Estate. There you’ll get a VIP tour of the distillery and enjoy a wine and whisky pairing dinner. Spend the night at the estate and then wing it back to the Balmoral for another night in the Scone & Crombie suite and a seven-course dinner at the hotel’s Number One restaurant. “The Balmoral hotel has been a long-standing partner of The Macallan, both rooted in rich Scottish heritage and shared appreciation for outstanding hospitality,” said Neil Skinner, marketing director at Edrington U.K., in a statement. “The Macallan Horizon experience at The Balmoral hotel showcases peak hospitality to celebrate the fusion of exceptional single malt whisky and extraordinary automotive design coming together through this visionary liquid.”

The £100,000 Horizon Whisky Experience is subject to availability, but you can inquire about booking at the hotel’s dedicated website. If you’re not planning on heading across the pond this summer, you can purchase most of the Macallan’s lineup now from ReserveBar to enjoy from home.

This story was first published on Robb Report USA. Featured photo by Rocco Forte Hotels