This 110-metre megayacht imagines the future from an 1980s point of view

Though inspired by the classic yacht designs of the 1980s, it totes boundary-blasting tech

Enzo Manca’s new superyacht concept elegantly combines the past and future of marine design.

Christened Juno, the 358-footer was inspired by the classic yachts of the 1980s yet is equipped with the latest and greatest tech. The aluminium vessel features sharp, futuristic lines and a long, slender bow that is “reminiscent of some famous yachts from years gone by,” according to the Italian designer.

Stepping onboard, six sprawling decks offer ample space for relaxing and entertaining. The living quarters pair modern materials and furnishings with retro touches that recall charming ‘80s decor. The main salon is described as “an oasis of luxury,” with large plush sofas, an upscale bar, and giant panoramic windows. Elsewhere, spacious cabins can comfortably sleep 16 guests and 36 crew.

The pick of the accommodation is, of course, the owner’s suite. Located on the fourth deck, the cabin can pull double duty as a sleeping area and a private lounge. It even has a piano if you feel like tickling the ivories.

The vessel’s swimming pool. Photo by Enzo Manca Design

The aft beach club is split across two levels. The upper part is home to a swimming pool and a huge sundeck for 15 guests, while the lower section is equipped with a beach club and a bar. As with most yachts these days, the stern is fitted with fold-out terraces that offer direct access to the sea. To top it off, there is a helipad in the bow that can facilitate comings and goings by air.

Manca didn’t share any details regarding propulsion, though it would require some serious horsepower to push this behemoth through the water. The designer did say the yacht will be equipped with a new electronic anchoring system that promises to protect the seabed while offering safe and reliable mooring regardless of the depth of the water.

This isn’t the first bonkers superyacht concept Manca has floated, either. Back in March, the designer unveiled a megayacht intended to be the official flagship of the United Arab Emirates. Christened UAE One, the 459-footer was designed in collaboration with a sheikh (unnamed for privacy) who wanted to create an official megayacht of the nation. Manca certainly isn’t short on creativity.

An aerial view of Juno. Photo by Enzo Manca Design
Juno’s aft decks. Photo by Enzo Manca Design
The yacht’s on-site beach club. Photo by Enzo Manca
Juno’s tiered foldout terraces. Photo by Enzo Manca Design
The plush owner’s suite. Photo by Enzo Manca Design

This story was first published on Robb Report USA