This off-road-ready teardrop trailer has not one, but two kitchens

BRS off road pursuit carbon

The Pursuit Carbon has the sort of features you would expect from a much larger caravan

It’s amazing what they can pack into a travel trailer these days.

Just look at the BRS Offroad Pursuit Carbon recently highlighted by New Atlas. It may only be a teardrop model, but it has more than enough room for two kitchens, a queen-size mattress, and an above-ground bathroom.

The updated version of the Australian company’s first model isn’t its smallest trailer, that would be the Sherpa, but with a length of 6 metres and height of 2.8 metres, it’s downright compact compared to the competition. The vehicle’s single-piece composite shell is finished in all-black, which may look a bit severe but does a great job of accentuating its angular design. It also gives it a toughness befitting of a trailer designed to be taken off-road (in case its chunky all-terrain tires weren’t enough of a tell).

Inside the BRS Offroad Pursuit Carbon. Photo by BRS Offroad

The big selling point, though, isn’t what the Pursuit Carbon looks like—it’s what’s inside. Teardrop trailers tend to be on the smaller side, making them easier to tow and manoeuvre at the expense of features. That’s not the case with BRS Offroad’s caravan, though. The brand has managed to include almost everything you need to spend some serious time on the road.

Flip up the Pursuit Carbon’s large hatch entry door and you’ll be greeted by a cabin that’s surprisingly roomy and has a large skylight. The caravan’s queen-sized bed takes up much of the interior, but there’s still enough room for a two-person lounge with a pair of bench seats that can be converted to a dinette or additional sleeping berth if necessary.

Photo by BRS Offroad

The lounge has a TV, Garmin command centre, and a fully outfitted kitchen that includes a two-burner electric range (a four-burner upgrade is available), a sink, and a pair of 30-litre fridge drawers. If you need more room for meal prep, there’s also an outdoor pull-out kitchenette.

The feature that separates this teardrop trailer from its peers is the inclusion of a small above-ground bathroom. On the side opposite the hatch entry door is a smaller lift gate and slide-out floor. Pull down the included privacy curtain and you have yourself a bathroom. Bigger travel trailers may have nicer bathrooms, but this one will make spending time at the campground that much easier.

BRS Offroad does most of its business down under, but the company has worked with U.S. distributor RVs of America. It’s unclear if they’ll sell the Pursuit Carbon, but If they do expect to cost more than the base Pursuit’s US$110,000 starting price.