Date Night: Tribal at Mondrian Singapore is a modern Asian grill that encourages togetherness

Sharing is caring at Tribal, a new concept brought to you by the same people behind Willow and Casa Vostra

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Food is meant to be shared. As the unstoppable engine to our physical and emotional wellbeing, sharing good food and drink is a luxury that should leave us feeling nourished and thankful.

It is what you should feel after a meal at Tribal, a new modern Asian grill by the Ebb & Flow Group. Inspired by the relationship between food, fire and people, the main aim of the game is to convey a sense of community and warmth through a shared appreciation for culinary diversity. “Everything at Tribal is done collaboratively, so that we can exchange ideas and express what we have learned on a plate to our diners,” executive chef Keith Wan says.

What’s Tribal like?

It’s a beautiful space. Designed by Indonesian architecture firm, Andra Matin Studio, a warm, rustic enclave greets you as soon as you step on its brick floors. Rattan walls and ceilings draped with hand-woven rattan macramé, the work of Indonesian weaving atelier BYO Living, add to the charm.

The restaurant seats as many as 58 people, with the option to be close to the action at the kitchen counter. If not, there are tables with bench seating or the large communal table in the middle, a great choice if you have a big group coming.

Yellowtail Umai. Photo by Tribal

What should we order?

Tribal is a melting pot of Asian flavours—Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian and Japanese for example—reimagined with its own creative touches. Produce is supplied by Modern Provision, its sibling concept, and ethically sourced from around Asia and small-scale farmers.

There’s plenty on the menu to go around. Mix and match from the various sections—small plates, sharing, sides and desserts—and build the perfect meal for the night. Start with hearth-fired Flatbread that’s best eaten with whipped abura miso butter; Yellowtail Umai, a ceviche-like dish with kaffir lime, chilli and garlic; and Fried Duck Neck, dusted with a secret house spice blend and dipped in mint nam pla for an acidic kick.

Santorini Organic Kampung Chicken. Photo by Tribal

Move on to the Santorini Organic Kampung Chicken. Sourced from a farm in Malaysia that feeds its chicken with natural pineapple enzymes (it makes the chicken naturally flavourful), it is slow-roasted over charcoal in a traditional Thai marinade, finished with a drizzle of burnt lemon and served with annatto spice, which is frequently used in Filipino and Vietnamese cuisines. It is one of the best roast chickens in town and a must-order whenever you are at Tribal.

Of course, don’t forget the 14-Day Dry Aged Irish Duck, grilled to a crisp and served on a bed of mountain yam, and the Beef Rice Pot, if you are game for some wood-fired wagyu striploin, tartare and black garlic. It is also available with mushrooms or seafood, but either way, you will be rewarded with a crunchy bed of rice at the very end—an ode to Malaysian/Indonesian claypot rice.

What else is there to know?

The beverage menu will please both wine and spirit lovers alike. A good variety of wine is available by the glass (we recommend La Tunella 2022, a Sauvignon Blanc from Italy) and bottle, and so are the sake and spirits. There are four cocktails available, too (You’re Pretty Cuke is a gin-based drink that tastes better than it sounds), and though the list is quite limited, know that Slate, a modern Asian bar, will soon be opening within the same premises.

83 Neil Road,
Mondrian Singapore, 01-07,
Singapore 089813
Tel: +65 9789 4699