Wellness reimagined: Cycling Bears sets to redesign the fitness experience

Health enthusiasts and co-founders of Cycling Bears, Debra Tay and Tudi Guillamot, set their sights on bringing a new approach to fitness across continents

In an intimate tête-à-tête, Tudi Guillamot delved into the genesis behind his company’s evocatively christened identity. Beyond mere nomenclature, the epithet springs from Guillamot’s ardent devotion to cycling, intertwined with a whimsical homage to the phonetic semblance of his own moniker to “Teddy Bear.” This profound disclosure not only grants insight into the deeply personal affinities but also underscores the playful ingenuity that underpins the brand’s ethos.

Tudi Guillamot. Photo by Cycling Bears

Amidst the tumult of the pandemic, a crucible for transformative ideas, the dynamic duo were struck by an epiphany. Since its inception in 2022, amidst the backdrop of global upheaval, this purveyor of luxury fitness apparatus has embarked on a trajectory of bespoke service provision. Catering to discerning clientele within the realms of hospitality, yachting, and home fitness aficionados, Cycling Bears has woven a melange of personalised fitness solutions, thereby transcending equipment provision to embody a holistic lifestyle ethos.

“Debra and I, both life and business partners, are seasoned globetrotters who have encountered a myriad of fitness facilities around the world. Our observations revealed a stark palette of monochrome gyms, equipped with subpar apparatus that frequently failed to meet the demands of their users,” says Guillamot.

For instance, he shares, yoga mats and dumbbells with rubber handles that degrade under constant use or exposure to sunlight. He also pointed out the prevailing complexity of machines; in an era where wearables dominate, the necessity for screens on treadmills appeared redundant, merely adding to their maintenance burden.

“Leveraging my background in carpentry, I pioneered solutions that embrace superior quality without compromising functionality. This includes innovative uses of materials, such as substituting metal with wood where feasible, to enhance both durability and aesthetic appeal. Debra’s discerning eye and background in interior design play a crucial role, ensuring that our bespoke equipment not only performs well but also looks great.”

Indeed, the experiential showroom is nothing short of a spectacle, housing an extensive range of wellness and recovery equipment from renowned brands like PENT, STIL-FIT, WaterRower NOHRD, Ciclotte, Brass Monkey, and Sunlighten. All of which meld functionality and sustainability with aesthetics, heralding a shift towards a holistic approach that equally prioritises recovery, exercise, and style.

One of the notable brands within its repertoire, PENT, a vanguard Polish firm celebrated for its impeccable craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability, best illustrates Cycling Bears’ ethos. Its use of exquisite materials such as sustainably sourced woods and Italian leather exemplifies the luxurious yet environmentally conscious DNA that defines its offerings.

“We are constantly looking out for more exceptional quality in our partners’ products. PENT’s products and materials, for instance, align perfectly with our commitment to excellence with no planned obsolescence. We have continuously worked with them and even collaborated on a PENT x Cycling Bears collection,” the co-founder adds.

Cycling Bears’ new experiential wellness showroom. Photo by Cycling Bears

The new Cycling Bears showroom at The Modules in Joo Chiat Road marks a departure from its previous space, where customers had to make prior appointments before visiting. Open from 10am to 6pm, it is designed to be an interactive space that mirrors living environments, the showroom invites visitors to engage directly with the products, experiencing their quality and functionality firsthand.

The showroom also presents a curated selection of leather, colours, and wood finishes, with the team always on hand to provide expert guidance on integrating these designs seamlessly into customers’ homes.

On the interior design aspect of the business, Guillamot reveals that the company’s portfolio includes both private residences and prestigious hotels, including the VIP suites at Marina Bay Sands and Robertson House. “At Cycling Bears, we pride ourselves on delivering an experience that is as refined as the environments we help create,” he says.

Patented 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna by Sunlighten. Photo by Cycling Bears

Among the premier offerings are the Sunlighten dynamic sauna, a world first that allows customisation of each wavelength for targeted health benefits, and a cutting-edge ice bath from Brass Monkey that features state-of-the-art app-controlled temperature settings.

Beyond mere fitness equipment, the showroom integrates recovery technologies, harmonising cutting-edge technology with sumptuous design to nurture both body and mind in sublime comfort. Case in point: the Airpod mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy that sets to launch in the near future.

Ice bath by Brass Monkey. Photo by Cycling Bears

“For those navigating the constraints of more intimate spaces, we recommend the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer. Ingeniously designed, this cable machine integrates seamlessly into a cabinet, complementing rather than commandeers your living area,” recommends Guillamot.

Equally space-efficient are the STIL-FIT Flow One rowing machine and the PENT Sophia Mobile Gym, both of which are crafted for easy storage and mobility, allowing you to stow them away or relocate them effortlessly.

“For beginners or those seeking versatile yet compact fitness solutions, consider the essentials: free weights, a medicine ball, a push-up bar, and a bosu ball. These items require minimal space and offer a breadth of exercise routines, embodying the perfect blend of functionality and space efficiency.”

Offering more than just products, Cycling Bears also crafts bespoke wellness experiences. Tay combines her expertise in interior design and nutrition—backed by certification from Harvard Medical School—with Tudi Guillamot’s extensive knowledge of fitness equipment. Together, they create custom wellness sanctuaries for discerning clients prioritising health and design.

With the launch of this showroom, Cycling Bears establishes itself as a cornerstone for those devoted to exploring holistic wellness as a lifestyle. It is set to become a communal hub for health aficionados, lending a luxurious and eco-conscious environment to foster physical and mental well-being.

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