5 of our favourite TWG Tea gifts you should bring to your upcoming party

By Rebecca Morris 6 December, 2017

Non-alcoholic alternatives

The date’s been set for the upcoming potluck dinner, and everyone’s chirping away excitedly in the group chat. They’re discussing what they’ll wear, and more importantly, what they’re contributing. There’s roast beef, a turkey, log cake, pudding, and of course, wines and Champagnes. So what can you contribute that is unique and different? We’ll let you in on a secret. For every party thrown, there’s always someone who’ll ask for a cup of tea after a meal, and the host will scramble to suggest whatever’s in the cupboard.

While tea may not usually qualify as a typical party contribution, trust us on this. TWG Tea, the leading tea specialist in Singapore has put together five exciting tea collections that’ll make your yuletide gay. TWG Tea has not only cultivated tea appreciation and a modern tea culture in Singapore, its flavours are innovative and on point. And don’t get us started on its whimsical tea tin designs. If we could, we’d clear out some wall space to display our ever-growing collection of tins.

These five tea sets will be sure to get your party talking. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Joy of Christmas Tea

Just one of the 36 teas in TWG Tea’s Haute Couture Tea collection, Joy of Christmas loose leaf tea ($40 for 100g) comprises a blend of sparkling black tea with spiced fruits. You’ll also taste a hint of velvety smooth chocolate.

Red Christmas Tea Collector’s Gift Box

Don’t tell them we said it, but this tea is great for perfuming mocktails and cocktails. It uses theine-free red tea leaves from South Africa and a mix of holiday spices. And while it’s what’s on the inside that counts, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the teas come in a gorgeous tea tin (S$199 for 50 tea bags) embellished with the holiday spirit. If you’re attending a smaller gathering, the Red Christmas Tea Bag Gift Box ($25 for 15 tea bags) will be more than enough for a night.

Christmas Jewel Tea

This one’s perfect for those with a penchant for green teas. Christmas Jewel Tea infuses festive spices, sweet orange and rare golden peals of tea. This gorgeous loose leaf tea ($50) comes in a gorgeous Caviar Tea Tin for easy storage.


World Voyage Christmas Tea Set

This will satisfy the most finicky guests at the party. The gift set ($138) comes with six mini tea tins filled with red, black or green tea varieties: Red Christmas Tea, Pomme Prestige Tea, Singapore Breakfast Tea, Alexandria Tea, Okayti Prestige and French Earl Grey. The set features the best leaves from South Africa, India and Nepal. Sip on these with your pals as you take turns regaling them with your travel tales.

12 Days of Christmas Tea Set

Perhaps more suitable for Christmas Day itself, but opening a present early never hurt anyone. The 12 Days of Christmas Tea Set ($150), provides a luxury cuppa throughout the festive season. Think of it as a reverse advent calendar. On the first day of Christmas – or earlier during your gathering – discover the Joy of Christmas Tea. On the second day, the palate awakens to the Singapore Breakfast Tea blend, which marks the island’s beginnings as a tea trading post. Day three takes your culinary senses to the Big Apple with New York Breakfast Tea, and onwards through the days to Silver Moon Tea, Sencha Prestige Tea, Assam Harmutty Tea, Darjeeling Princess Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, 1837 Black Tea, French Earl Grey, Milk Oolong Tea and, finally, White Night Jasmine Tea.


This feature is brought to you by TWG Tea.