A curvy new concept: Airbus corporate jets

Airbus corporate jets

Curves ahead

A graceful sense of movement is the key feature of the new Airbus Corporate Jets Melody cabin concept. Intended for jets in the ACJ320neo family, the concept was created in-house and drew on years of input from Airbus customers. Flowing lines inspired by the natural curves of hilly horizons, rolling rivers, and undulating dunes create a sense of relaxation and comfort.

The Airbus Corporate Jets Melody cabin boasts a crew area and galley, a forward lounge with a 65-inch television featuring a curved screen, a spacious dining and conference area that seats six, a home cinema with a retractable large-screen TV, and a master bedroom suite with private bath. The upgraded sound system features speakers designed with subtle curves that complement the cabin layout and enhance the acoustics. Extra-large passages between the cabin areas can be left open for a spacious feeling or closed off to create separate zones of privacy.

The ACJ320neo jets for which the Melody cabin is available as an option will start deliveries at the end of 2018. The jet comes with wingtip Sharklets for enhanced aerodynamics; new-generation CFM Leap-1A engines for added fuel efficiency, which leads to increased range; and extra fuel tanks. The ACJ320neo can carry up to 25 passengers for flights as long as 12,500km at speeds of up to 1,103kph. The jet sells for about roughly US$95 million (S$133 million), which includes a VIP cabin.