Antipodean Luxury Travel takes bespoke travel in New Zealand to new heights

Antipodean Luxury Travel

Sample Southern Charm

It’s not just another holiday down under when it’s one with Antipodean Luxury Travel. Unparalleled experiences are a given with the specialist travel company, it being the first in our region to carve a niche in curating tours in New Zealand. Founded by New Zealander Alexandra Stewart, the company’s forte is in creating bespoke itineraries tailored to every client’s preferences. It certainly doesn’t take the word ‘bespoke’ lightly, and the personal touch can be felt even before the trip. With the recent launch of its office in Singapore, Antipodean Luxury Travel has done away with the impersonal email-reliant approach so typical of bespoke trip-planning, and every client can expect to enjoy face-to-face consultations with the team.

Home to rolling landscapes, endless blue skies and majestic fjords, it’s no wonder New Zealand is the ultimate destination for many nature lovers and thrill seekers. For these travelers, Antipodean Luxury Travel tempts with private access to UNESCO sites and exclusive helicopter rights for aerial tours of protected areas. To complete the holiday, private picnics on the peak of a secluded mountain, perhaps with freshly caught trout from the day’s fly fishing trip, a helicopter ride to the mountains for a soak in an open-air hot tub and horseback rides across vast plains are just some of the many possibilities.

It would be a dream come true for any discerning imbiber to have a wine to call his own. This dream can become a reality at Hawkes Bay winery, where, under the guidance of Steve Smith M.V, one of New Zealand’s best wine makers, guests will experience the complete winemaking process – from harvesting and selecting the oak barrel in which the wine should age, to tasting and finally naming and labelling – culminating in a customised wine to call their own to take home.

Antipodean Luxury Travel