Bell Helicopter FCX-001, a crazily sexy ride every billionaire should have

Bell Helicopter FCX-001

Rotorcraft Reimagined

The Bell Helicopter FCX-001  is the company’s first concept aircraft. The high-tech transport features a hybrid propulsion system comprising a thermal engine and electric motors. The airframe is made of sustainable composite materials and designed to harvest, store and distribute wind and solar energy.

Also on board is an innovative anti-torque system. Located in the rotorless tail boom, it is powered by those electric motors and quietly keeps the aircraft from spinning in the opposite direction of the main rotor. Bell puts a new spin on the rotor by equipping it with blades that shape-shift based on flight conditions, to ensure the most efficient path through the air.

The single-seat cockpit and modular cabin are equally evolutionary. Both are outfitted with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to assist the pilot and provide entertainment for passengers.

Bell Helicopter