Beoplay H95 review: These B&O noise-cancelling headphones offer audiophile-quality sound from a wireless set-up

beoplay h95

Bang & Olufsen’s new flagship model adjusts noise-cancellation based on surroundings, and does so with style

It’s not surprising that the best-looking, best-sounding wireless, noise-cancelling headphones around – the Beoplay H95 – could only come from the design-savvy tastemakers at Danish electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. It’s also no secret that we love B&O’s approach to modern design, and its portfolio of products is so significant that examples are included in the permanent collections of museums around the world. The Beoplay H95’s exquisite design and elegant feel are on par with its sonic performance and user interface, making this wireless set a winner on all counts.

Like B&O’s new Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition turntable, the Beoplay H95 system was introduced to commemorate the brand’s 95th anniversary. The flagship headphones incorporate lots of high technology, starting with two 40 mm titanium drivers using neodymium magnets, each transducer mounted in a ported enclosure optimised for an oval, over-ear design. The sound across the frequency spectrum is smooth and coherent, with extended highs, natural midrange and impressive bass response. However, these headphones aren’t for head-bangers, but rather for users who want audiophile-quality sound from a wireless set-up.

They’re also for those who want supreme comfort, and here, lambskin earpads made from soft memory foam feel luxurious and encourage long listening sessions. Using the H95 is a pleasure, largely due to the operation and function of the refined and precise aluminum dials on either ear piece. Inspired by the focus ring of a camera lens, these dials have a great feel and provide the ideal amount of resistance to the touch.

The right dial adjusts volume, while the left dial adjusts Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and transparency. B&O’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and ANC are adaptive, using a feed-forward and feedback microphone for maximum noise reduction in environments like an aircraft in flight, public transport, noisy offices and city streets. Optimal connectivity is by way of Bluetooth 5.1, with wireless control via an app-based user interface and the aforementioned mechanical dials on either ear piece.

But wireless is worthless if battery time is compromised, and here, the Beoplay H95 delivers a remarkable 38 hours of playtime on one charge, and that’s with the ANC fully enabled, so stream away. The Beoplay H95 are available for €800 (S$1,275) in Black or Grey Mist colourways, and fold flat in a particularly attractive aluminium-shelled case. Why are we not surprised?

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