Best omakase in Singapore: Sushi Masaaki at South Beach Avenue makes traditional Japanese fine dining fun

Sushi Masaaki

Since its opening at South Beach Avenue in December 2020, Sushi Masaaki has been a breath of fresh air

Here’s an unpopular opinion for you to think about: omakases are overrated. Well, they can be. Granted, the sushi may be delicious and exotic, but if the chef’s more interested in his art than you and is way too serious for some fun, you’d only leave with an experience that’s more sterile than the British monarchy. With Sushi Masaaki now in the picture, things are definitely looking up.

Since its opening at South Beach Avenue in December 2020, Sushi Masaaki has been a breath of fresh air. Founded by the very entertaining 46-year-old Masaaki Sakashita, who hails from Kyoto as well as Singapore’s Hashida Sushi and Ishi Sushi, the new space is a departure from traditional Japanese fine dining. Be welcomed by a room full of cloud-like washi paper and soft, pink Gucci wallpaper that depicts pretty dancing cranes before stepping into the dining room, where you’ll see a rustic stone charcoal hearth, a wooden counter made out of 250-year-old hinoki and of course, Sakashita and his best men. 

It’s a gorgeous set-up, but food-wise, it’s all about the taste and less about the looks. His sushi rice, for instance, goes against the grain and is cooked to a soft core and chewy exterior, with the help of traditional Japanese vinegar and a special Akazu red vinegar (this vinegar is fermented at least five years before use). The liver, on the other hand, can be seen placed under the fish and on the rice (it’s usually the opposite) to allow the warmth of the rice to release its oils. Everything is flown directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, and five kinds of experiences are offered across the day, including a S$120 seven-course lunch and a S$380 10-course dinner.

Sushi Masaaki
26 Beach Road
B1-17 South Beach Avenue
Singapore 189768
Tel: +65 6388 1555

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