Boucheron fronts its sustainability efforts with bold new jewellery packaging

The new cases, made entirely of natural and recyclable materials, will recalibrate the gifting experience

The canisters are small, but their message is loud. In reinventing its jewellery and watch cases, Boucheron again amplifies the call for eco-awareness and sustainability in the luxury space—this time, demanding buy-in from its clients.

Before, customers would look forward to receiving their purchases in ornate hinged boxes, with the precious baubles and timepieces resting on a bed of velvet. Come June, the French jeweller will be introducing a new type of jewellery case (“No pack is the new pack,” says its CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne), that took two years to research, and is crafted with natural and recyclable materials.

Boucheron’s boutique at Marina Bay Sands. Photo by Boucheron

Comprising just two materials—lightweight aluminium and wool felt certified with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)—as opposed to 11 non-recyclable materials needed to make the old boxes, the new canister-style packaging is an unequivocal step away from the past.

Creative design and construction approaches aside, Boucheron’s commitment to sustainable luxury also asks of a paradigm shift on the part of its clients. From the smooth satin brushed surface and textured emerald-cut shapes referencing Boucheron’s iconic logo, to their tactility—one simply pulls open the top cover to unveil its contents—the new cases are as far removed from traditional jewellery boxes as it gets.

The new jewellery cases are made of just two materials: recyclable aluminium and sustainable wool felt. Photo by Boucheron

Boucheron, part of the Kering conglomerate, is no stranger to sustainability initiatives. In the company’s Impact Report 2023 that outlines its environmental efforts, Boucheron is targeting several significant milestone achievements, such as 100 per cent traceability on key raw materials, as well as a 40 per cent reduction of its environmental footprint.

Boucheron CEO, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne (left), and creative director, Claire Choisne, were instrumental in the packaging revamp. Photo by Boucheron

The reinvented jewellery packaging will not only go a long way to help meet those targets, but brings the message of sustainability to the frontline of luxury consumption and the people that needs to hear it the most—its customers.