Our readers enjoy a private tour of the Bulgari SerpentiForm exhibition

Bulgari SerpentiForm

Sealed with a Hiss

Snakes. For most, the sheer mention of this reptile is enough to instantaneously send shivers down the spine. But it has always been a finesse of the Italians to turn the averse into something well-desired by many, and Bulgari’s Serpenti heritage collection serves as a testament to this very fact.

On 17 August, prior to the official opening of the SerpentiForm exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, our readers were invited for a private tour taking them through a plethora of Serpenti creations. From the outset, readers were acquainted with art installations, costumes, watches and jewellery representing the emblematic serpent in its full glory. Sharing the limelight for the evening was an array of vintage evening dresses designed by acclaimed Italian fashion houses. There was no other way to end the evening but with an elegant cocktail, where readers indulged in wines and bubbly as a sweet ode to Bulgari’s historical legacy.