COMO Shambhala opens a new global flagship in Singapore

At the heart of COMO Orchard lies a grand testament to wellness—COMO Shambhala’s latest urban sanctuary, spanning an expansive 9,000 square feet across the fourth floor

Last week, the global luxury wellness brand unveiled its largest urban flagship yet, a pinnacle in its array of offerings within the lifestyle destination. Nestled within COMO Orchard’s diverse tapestry of fashion, gastronomy, and hospitality, this sanctuary emerges as a centre for holistic rejuvenation.

Reception. Photo by author

“Wellness sits at the heart of my own lifestyle choices,” says the brand’s founder, Mrs Christina Ong. “Wellness is a way of life. I believe we all have to take ownership of our own wellbeing. Wellness needs to start from within.”

Founded in 1997 as an intimate yoga studio in Singapore, COMO Shambhala has organically burgeoned into 17 spas spanning nine countries and four continents. This newest venture signifies a zenith in its evolution—a serene, contemporary space envisioned by Milan-based designer and architect, Paola Navone of OTTO Studio. Navone’s design echoes the fluidity and hues of healing waters, a homage to the essence of rejuvenation.

Treatment room. Photo by author

Within these hallowed halls, members can immerse themselves in a comprehensive weekly schedule offering meditation, pranayama, Gyrotonic, pilates, and high-intensity interval training. Individualised attention is paramount, with private sessions available across these disciplines. Here, HIIT classes are conducted in a state-of-the-art functional fitness centre spanning 1,500 square feet, bathed in natural light and adorned with cutting-edge Eleiko weightlifting equipment and a compact fitness circuit. Pilates and yoga classes are held in their respective studios furnished with contemporary gears.

Wellness extends beyond the fitness studio. An oasis for recovery and preparation awaits, featuring a red-light therapy and recovery room housing infrared saunas and invigorating ice baths.

Ice bath. Photo by author

Innovation takes form in medical-grade AirPod wellness capsules, elevating healing through a unique blend of oxygen and molecular hydrogen, enhancing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and fortifying the body’s resilience against free radicals. In turn, it helps to improve sleep quality, heighten alertness and mental acuity, and help stress management.

Hyperbaric capsule. Photo by author

In embracing collaboration, COMO Group extends its reach, enlisting partnerships that redefine wellness. Facials feature PSskincare by Dr Priya Sen, the Singapore-based dermatologist specialising in treating skin pigmentation and anti-ageing. Sage and Ylang – Asia’s first certified and customisable microbiome-friendly skincare – also graces the treatment menus, offering an all-natural approach to beauty.

Further enriching this haven is the partnership with the Strength Clinic Academy, empowering members with physiotherapy services aimed at injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation, and athletic readiness.

Throughout the week, members can indulge in COMO Shambhala’s array of treatments and wellness programs, including massages infused with the brand’s aromatic body oils—Invigorate, Shelter, Calm, New Skin, Purify, Harmony, and Comfort.

Gym. Photo by author

Completing this holistic experience is the COMO Shambhala Kitchen at COMO Cuisine, where nutritionally astute cuisine awaits, offering raw juices, salads, and a selection of plant-based dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—an ode to the brand’s enduring commitment to holistic wellness.

In this enclave, COMO Shambhala Singapore beckons, inviting each member to embark on a transformative journey towards well-being.

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