Leonica Kei, on the best ways to treat your scalp

Treat your scalp with Leonica Kei

A Head Start to Good Health

Hair problems can at best be uncomfortable and at worst traumatic. Fortunately, says trichologist Leonica Kei, increasingly effective treatment methods and products mean that solutions are available for most hair problems. Kei is a graduate of the Institute of Trichologists in London who has been treating hair problems in Singapore for 20 years.

She says two thirds of her clients are women suffering from hair loss, which can be treated. Even male pattern baldness, which is down to genes, can be slowed down significantly with early intervention. Scalp problems are also easily treatable. A course of 12 weekly treatments for hair loss will cost about S$3,200.

Kei is a pioneer in her field, having created her own range of natural treatments such as a charcoal shampoo and a menthol, peppermint and rosemary shampoo, plus conditioners and lotions, which she can customise for her clients.

“I wasn’t happy with the products I was using as they didn’t deliver the results I wanted. So a few years ago I worked with pharmacists to develop my own,” she explains.