Disney’s six-figure around-the-world package tour requires not just deep wallets but also fast fingers


Fairytales don’t come cheap

“I can show you the world,” Aladdin famously sang to Princess Jasmine in Disney’s version of the tale, while they took to the skies on a magic carpet.

Aww, how romantic, but no thanks.

Not to be pedantic, but the carpet doesn’t quite look flightworthy. Its maker clearly hadn’t considered seating, catering, and a pressurised cabin. I’m not sure how high it can fly before its passengers either suffocate or freeze to death.

If you wish to be shown the world, bypass Aladdin and go straight to the source – Disney. Just last month, the corporation released Disney Parks Around the World – a Private Jet Adventure, an around-the-world package trip that will take 75 guests to all 12 Disneyland parks. Priced at US$109,995 (S$154,708), the 24-day trip is slated for 9 July to 1 August next year.

The Pixar Pier in Disneyland Drive California, USA

Instead of a magic carpet, guests will travel in style in a Boeing 757 operated by Icelandair, which Disney describes as “VIP configured”. The crew includes a chef, three staff members, and a doctor, while a team of adventure guides, Disney leaders, imagineers (park designers in Disney-speak), and cultural experts will be on hand during ground tours.

Besides Disney parks, the trip will also include stops at famous manmade landmarks around the world, such as the Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Giza, and the Eiffel Tower. Film buffs will probably look forward to the Lucasfilm campus tour in San Francisco on day four.

The package price is only applicable for double occupancy, which means you’d be spending almost US$220,000 (S$309,395). Single travellers will have to pay US$10,995 (S$15,463) more per ticket. Children have to be above 12, although Disney stated that 14 or older is recommended.

But these details no longer matter, because it’s now a trip money can’t buy. All tickets were snapped up when presales opened on 20 June to Disney package trip regulars, and were sold out before the trip could be offered to the general public on 28 June. Disney has mentioned that it may consider opening more slots due to popular demand, so keep an eye out.

Disney Parks Around the World – a Private Jet Adventure