Art comes to life


Art plays an important role in setting the ambience at the Penthouse. The Gallery will feature an installation by Leica called Silenzio!, a series of still images by Fran├žois Fontaine that tell an impactful story of cinema from the early 1940s to present. These images, which are retrieved from colour movies produced by French and several other renowned foreign directors, pay homage to the art of filmmaking by shining the spotlight on chromatic and dreamlike elements of cinematography.

Store: Leica

Gold Phantom speaker

Enhancing the experience of viewing art is a stellar audio system featuring two Gold Phantom speakers by Devialet. The Gold Phantom currently holds the title of the world’s most powerful wireless speaker with an amplification power of 4500w and a maximum sound level of 108dB. Standing at 26cm tall and 25cm wide, the speaker features a titanium tweeter and delivers the deepest bass ever achieved by a system this size (14Hz). 

STORE: Devialet