The Macallan M Collection, a testament to the brand’s continuous drive for innovation, will be on display this 17 to 26 August 2022 at Ion Orchard’s Atrium

The Macallan M Collection, a range of limited-release single malt whiskies, celebrates the brand’s acclaimed Six Pillars

The Macallan has always been on solid ground—literally and metaphorically. Founded in 1824 in the northeast of Scotland, the distillery has been producing fine single malts with immense personality for generations, garnering a legion of fans and adherents to the brand around the world. Its ethos is based on what it refers to as the Six Pillars, the ‘foundation stones’ upon which the brand has been built and that ensure its continued success.

The pillars encompass what lies at the heart of The Macallan, from the estate itself to the unusual ‘curiously small’ stills, the oak casks and on to the techniques of continuously and invariably creating masterpieces for discerning palates. According to Jaume Ferras, global creative director for The Macallan, the Six Pillars “embody all that is unique to The Macallan, together underpinning the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky”. The remarkable new expressions for 2022—part of the M Collection—“tell the story of these unique attributes”, adds Ferras.

The Macallan M
The Macallan M

In an ultra-competitive market, it’s not simply a question of remaining ahead of the game. New products have to be exceptional, bearing in mind that as far as the court of public opinion is concerned a maker is only as good as its latest offering. This is why the The Macallan M Collection in 2022 is well set to keep the brand front and centre and burnish its already refulgent reputation yet further.

Collaborating in what is a visually stunning range of products are legendary creative director Fabien Baron, who’s been a prominent figure in the advertising world for more than three decades and is renowned for his cutting-edge advertising campaigns and marketing vision, and Lalique, the French crystal maker. Together, and working alongside the masters at The Macallan, they have come up with expressions that combine a wonderful dynamic aesthetic with an inner substance that will both challenge and amaze.

The Macallan M Black
The Macallan M Black

The involvement of luxury fashion photographer and fashion film director, Nick Knight, who has created a “dramatic visual world” for the collection, completes a star-studded cast that continues The Macallan’s modern tradition of creating multisensory experiences for its loyal followers. The light and colour, the materiality and texture and everything else that make The Macallan such an iconic brand will be on full display from 17 to 26 August 2022 at Ion Orchard’s Atrium Level 1 as the three 2022 releases take their bows in front of the public.

It’s a public pop-up event that’s not to be missed as The Macallan M Copper makes its debut. This ode to the “curiously small spirit stills” that the makers continue to favour to this day embraces the quality over quantity ethos that informs The Macallan’s indomitable commitment to craftsmanship and excellence. Meanwhile, The Macallan M with its rich amber hue and glistening Lalique decanter manifests the mastery of the distillery’s whisky makers in creating an unrivalled display of craftsmanship. The subtly smoky M Black is a tad more complex, having gathered extraordinary depth and distinction over time as it matured in sherry-seasoned oak barrels.

The Macallan M Copper
The Macallan M Copper

With a much-vaunted history, The Macallan and everything that it produces and offers the consumer will always be about tradition, but time stands still for no whisky maker and The Macallan M Collection is a testament to the brand’s continuous drive for innovation, bringing bold statements of intent to market.

The M Collection is already turning heads and each expression will surely become an integral part of every whisky aficionado’s treasured collection. The stellar collaboration has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of creativity and excellence, which is a cause for celebration among those who appreciate the joys of basking in the finest waters of life.

The Macallan M Collection Pop-Up at ION Orchard

Where: Ion Orchard, Atrium, Level 1
When: 17 to 26 August 2022
Operating hours: 11am to 9pm

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