The Reach by The Macallan, an extraordinarily rare whisky that was distilled in 1940

The Reach by The Macallan is pure history that’s beyond luxury

The whisky-loving world invariably sits up and takes note with every new creation that The Macallan sends to market. In the case of The Reach—the oldest expression released by the brand to date—desire has been clamorous and expectation at fever pitch. 

Distilled in 1940, The Reach promises to be something very special indeed, and as appealing to aficionados of The Macallan’s exemplary ‘body of work’ as it will be to those who favour slightly different profiles. 

the macallan the reach
The Reach is an extraordinarily rare whisky that was distilled in 1940

Crafted from a single sherry-seasoned cask, The Reach was envisioned and distilled in the early days of WWII. It was a time of turbulence and uncertainty and the people at The Macallan must have recognised the imperative of legacy and posterity. This in itself is a testament to the spirit of adventure and the indefatigable spirit of the Scottish people—characteristics that are continuously associated with The Macallan, one of the most recognisable and respected distillers of fine single malts on the planet. 

After eight decades of maturation, it has taken a great mind and a supremely talented gustatory sense to bring the expression to the world’s attention, and The Macallan’s master whisky maker, Kirsteen Campbell, displays both in The Reach. “Created during a turbulent time in the world,” she says, “this extraordinary expression showcases The Macallan’s history, ingenuity and unmistakable strength of character.” 

Mouth-blown, hot glass was used to fashion the exquisite decanter that exudes a timeless elegance. It’s cradled in a neo-classical bronze sculpture of three hands—each representing characters in The Macallan’s unique story—executed by the soon-to-be-legendary sculptor, Saskia Robinson. The presentation is as aesthetically arresting as the nectar that lies within is tantalising to the taste buds. 

the macallan the reach
It will be, without doubt, one of the most sought-after expressions to date

There is aromatic peat on the nose—delicate and slightly recessed, never overwhelming. Dark chocolate and sweet cinnamon are more forward, complemented by pink grapefruit, plums and redcurrant jelly. A characteristic hint of leather completes the aroma profile before toffee, liquorice and crystallised ginger begin informing the palate. There is also a delicate woodsmoke and subtle hints of charred pineapple and nutmeg. 

While the palate provides a feast for the senses, the finish is downright ostentatious in its length—which is to be expected for a liquor that has been biding its time and creating whisky history for longer than most of us mortals will be alive. The delicate smokiness is nigh on perfection. The Reach is, quite simply, beyond extraordinary—in every sense, and for every sense. 

Only 288 decanters will be released worldwide, and the price is only available upon application. This may be one of those situations in life when the quasi-idiomatic expression attributed to J P Morgan, ‘if you have to ask the price, then you probably can’t afford it,’ may be invoked. 

The true cognoscenti, however, will appreciate what a rare opportunity this is. The Reach will be, without doubt, one of the most sought-after originations in the whisky universe’s recent history, and those fortunate enough to acquire it will be able to bear witness to the enduring spirit of Scottish history and the kind of expression that comes around even less frequently than Halley’s comet. 

Price on ask. Reach out to The Macallan at Raffles Hotel Singapore for enquiries.

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