Carlos Alimurung, CEO of One Esports

Here’s a fun fact: Carlos Alimurung has been a gamer all his life. Today, he’s living his ultimate dream – to lead a business in esports. But the journey to get to where he is today isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. The CEO of One Esports admitted that his first experience leading a major workstream as a management consultant was a failure, but only because he was preoccupied with doing something different and creative. There was one lesson gleaned from the experience: novelty does not necessarily beget results.

Carlos Alimurung
Carlos Alimurung, 45, CEO of One Esports

Where do you see your industry going in the future? Also, name one common misconception about your industry that you would change if you could.

Jeff Bezos once said, “Lean into the future.” The average age of a fan of any traditional stick and ball sport is significantly older than the age of an esports fan. Esports is simply the future of sports and entertainment. One big misconception about esports is that its fan base is overwhelmingly male. Esports is quickly becoming gender-balanced, especially in Asia, which serves as a bellwether in gaming.

How do you feel about risks? What are some of the biggest risks that you have taken?

Fortune favours the bold. The first big risk that I took in my life was deferring my professional career when I graduated from Wharton. I did not join an investment bank or consulting firm. Instead, I joined the AmeriCorps programme. I devoted a year to community service. I didn’t realise it then, but the experience gave me a professional maturity and perspective that served me well when I re-entered the business world. It was a great early lesson that taking the road less travelled really does make all the difference.

What advice would you give to someone who is deemed successful/has made it in life?

Remember that you don’t take your wealth with you into the next life. When you’re dead, people will remember your impact on society and not your wealth.