Chia Yee Hui

Yee Hui Chia, founding CEO of Idea Ink

For Yee Hui Chia, great design goes beyond form and medium. And this is what makes an excellent storyteller; when he or she understands that designing a story is truly an intentional process, from crafting narratives and shaping meaning to creating group memories. Chia exemplifies this with Idea Ink, a graphic recording and visual facilitation company which she helms as founding CEO. A good story, told at the right time, can thoroughly shake us at our core and unite us with a deeper purpose – and Idea Ink was built to explore this belief.

Chia Yee Hui
Yee Hui Chia, 30, founding CEO of Idea Ink

Who/what has shaped who you are and why?

I am inspired by creative polymaths of the past — be it the artist-scholar-merchant of European Renaissance, or scholar-poet-politicians in ancient China. I think the 18th century’s Industrial Revolution has introduced a segmented education model, which fractures how we see our roles in the context of society. And being intellectually omnivorous, be it in art and philosophy, or literature and business, has given me diverse angles in dissecting a complex world.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love being able to wear multiple hats: as an information artist, as a start-up founder and as a CEO. I love graphic recording so much as it allows me to think, write and draw at the same time — a rare combination in the world of professional services. As an art and technology start-up founder, I get to push the boundaries of art, technology and business, which are immensely dynamic when combined. Lastly, I learn so much as a CEO. Every mistake is an opportunity for humbling growth.

How do you feel about risks? What are some of the biggest risks that you have taken?

I love risk – it keeps me young, alive and fearless. My biggest risks: starting a business without a business plan, song-writing despite lacking pitch, and being a self-taught artist without going to art school.