Fleurette, a fine-dining restaurant on Rangoon Road, is closing with a final tribute to the late chef Tariq Helou

Fleurette will showcase Tariq Helou’s spring menu, which is available until 15 June 2024

Spring is a season often associated with fresh starts and new beginnings. But for Fleurette, a 16-seat restaurant on Rangoon Road, this spring is a season that marks an end.

The restaurant, which will soon close, opened in 2020 in the hands of Tariq Helou, a soft-spoken chef of Japanese, Chinese and Lebanese descent. He grew up in a food-loving family nourished by a myriad of cuisines, and his love of cooking launched an a promising career. The Cesar Ritz Colleges graduate cut his teeth at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and Japan, where he studied classical French cooking and the art of incorporating Asian ingredients into modern European fare.

Fleurette offers both counter and private seating. Photo by Fleurette

When he came home to Singapore in 2019, he co-founded Division Supper Club, a success that offered a preview of what Fleurette would become—a beautiful reflection of Japanese, French and Singaporean culinary sensibilities. Launched in September 2020, the Fleurette dream was cut short on 25 April 2024, when he died a few months shy of his 30th birthday. Leaving behind his parents and three siblings, this was another talented young man, gone too soon.

The chef’s signature dish—Chilled Somen with ama ebi, dashi consommé and ama ebi oil. Photo by Fleurette

As Fleurette copes with the death of its chef, it is honouring his legacy with a final tribute. The spring menu, crafted by the late chef, will be the restaurant’s swan song before the curtains are drawn on 16 June 2024. Available at lunch (five courses, S$138) and dinner (eight courses, S$258), one can look forward to dishes like abalone liver made with sake and spinach; sweetbread emulsion; and his signature chilled somen, topped with ama ebi, caviar and black truffle, if you’d like.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Make your reservations here.

204 Rangoon Road,
Singapore 218451
Tel: +65 8341 4248