Why The Great Room has us to looking forward to work

The Great Room

The modern mad men’s lair

The thought of jostling through crowds on a Monday morning to get to our city’s CBD is enough to put most of us off. This has now changed, however, when The Great Room opened with its mad men-esque co-working space.

Located at One George Street on the fringe of Raffles Place, the 1,393-sqm workspace features seven different working areas, with a small café to open later on in the year.

The Great Room_State Room
State Room

The stylish area, designed by Paul Semple and his team at Hassell, reimagines the place to look less like an office, and more like a lounge where members can work and relax in throughout the day. Shared spaces are decked in plush brown sofas, coffee tables with the latest business reads, customised leather bar seats and marble tables. Mobile desks line the perimeter of the workspace, offering members an aerial view of Chinatown and Clark Quay.

Private areas include Phone Booths for calls, Studio, a multi-purpose space that holds up to 30 during presentations and Dedicated Offices and Hot Offices for teams of up to 20 and four respectively. Both Offices are equipped with desks and cupboards for easy storage. Semple’s favourite, however, remains to be the State Room, a 14-seater boardroom for its marble table that gives the room personality.

The Great Room offers a distinctly western vibe, yet little nuances will remind you that you’re in Singapore. Take for example the artwork, curated by The Artling, a local gallery that works with local emerging and established artists to sell art pieces online and in partner galleries. One standout piece can be found in the State Room, where photographs of everyday flats in Singapore have been replicated and digitally stitched together to form a maze.

While The Great Room declines to reveal the maximum capacity, number of rooms available, prices for long-term ‘rentals’, a representative estimates that The Great Room can accommodate “up to 30 companies”, while a ballpark fee for rentals starts from $3,000 a month.

Members (rates start from $70 a day) may help themselves to coffee and tea throughout the day, and can opt for services such as business address with mail and package handling. Other initiatives include Monday Breakfast Club, where complimentary breakfast is provided from 8.30am to 10.30am, shoulder massages on Monday afternoons, and in-house Yoga sessions on Tuesdays in the Studio. Shower facilities are also located on site, allowing you to pull late nights after a good workout.

The Great Room
1 George Street
Singapore 049145
Tel: +65 6816 8000