IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36, the best Business Formal watch for ladies

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36

Girl Power

You could be slaying it in the corporate jungle and have the entire directorial board eating out of your hands, but nothing says Lady Boss more immediately than a wristwatch that balances complication with elegance. IWC’s Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36 sits squarely between those two virtues. It’s neither so complicated as to be devoid of character nor so overtly feminine such that it can’t be taken seriously.

The Da Vinci collection goes back to the 1970s when IWC kick-started a new business direction embracing the leading technology of the time: quartz. Evolving dynamically over the decades, it has finally arrived at this round form with integrated yet movable lugs espousing gentle curves and polished surfaces all over. Those who know IWC are also aware of its enduring relationship with the moon phase complication, which undeniably adds a touch of softness and femininity.

At just the right size, the 36mm case diameter also marks it out as a ladies’ watch. But IWC has clearly eschewed the predictable here; indeed, it’s not just another feminine timepiece choking with diamonds and pink mother-of-pearl … you get the picture.

While diamonds still make an appearance, they’re used sensibly around the bezel. The serif-style hour numerals aren’t excessively girly as well – they’re crisp, legible and only a little bit stern. Blued steel hands also make an appearance in the non-gem-set pieces.