How to transform a tailor’s shop into a trove of treasures, according to LC Via

By Ben Chin 24 January, 2017
How to transform a tailor’s shop into a trove of artisanal treasures, according to LC Via

Curating Men’s wear

Entering LC Via’s showroom from the bustle of the CBD is transportive. The 60sqm space is a quiet sanctum of luxury menswear and fine goods. The business, which started 40 years ago as Leong Tailors, is now revitalised as Singapore’s first and only artisanal menswear emporium.


Sharing an entrance with its neighbour, Sultans of Shave, the elegantly masculine space is the result of a collaboration between business partners Jonathan Chiang and Nathan Luisvia.

The revamp also saw the atelier expand from its former 10sqm to a significantly larger floor space, allowing the incorporation of a luxurious seating area for customers. Lining the walls are shelves and display cases, holding an impressive array of bespoke suits, handmade leather shoes, eyewear and accessories, all carefully curated by Chiang. Several of the brands stocked are exclusive to South-east Asia, such as top South Korean suit maker B&Tailor, Viennese customised shoe label Saint Crispin’s and handmade ties from Seven Fold Firenze by Japanese style icon Kenji Kaga. Trunk shows organised by the boutique connect clients directly with the tailors and artisans, allowing them to tailor the products to their specific needs.

Chiang’s great regard for craftsmen and artisans is not surprising. Before he took over the company from his grand-uncle Chow Leong Choy in 2013, Leong Tailors was well-known as a top bespoke tailoring house, employing three master cutters and four suitmakers, and distributing premium fabrics from Loro Piana and Dormeuil.

The latest iteration of the company continues the spirit of that legacy – championing well-crafted, high-quality handmade goods and honouring the traditions of their makers.

LC Via