Luxury beds and mattresses: Savoir Beds gets crafty with bespoke headboards and bases inspired by art pieces at National Gallery London

By Sam Yen 11 July, 2018

the british brands combine efforts to bring paintings you’ve always dreamed of having at home, to life

Imagine sleeping beneath a masterpiece. That’s not a euphemism, we mean an actual masterpiece. Like Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora’s The Combat of Love and Chastity or Monet’s Water-Lilies, Setting Sun or Jan van de Cappelle’s A Shipping Scene with a Dutch Yacht firing a Salute – all masterpieces of Renaissance and Impressionist art found the National Gallery London. That’s now possible, with Savoir Bed’s collaboration with the world-renowned art museum and designer Andrew Martin.

The National Gallery Collection is a series of four beds where the aforementioned paintings have been upholstered on a Savoir bed headboard and base, using custom fabrics by Andrew Martin.

Each bed is finished with a plaque describing the artwork, and personalised details of the client can also be included. Four paintings form the series – the three by Gherardo, Monet and van de Cappelle, as well as Jan van Huysum’s Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase – but your only limit is taste.

Any painting from the National Gallery’s 2,300-strong collection can be printed onto a variety of fabrics (velvet, linen viscose and cotton fabric) through the collaboration. Additional customisation options for trims, piping, decorative nailing and legs means each bed will truly be one-of-a-kind.

So the next time you’re in London, pay a visit to the gallery and let the various Botticelli, da Vinci, Rembrandts and Van Gogh be the inspiration for a beautiful sleep.

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