ArtInProgress: This Massimo Dutti doubles as an exhibition space featuring the ceramic works of local artist Jeanette Adrienne

By Amos Chin 3 February, 2024

The works of Jeanette Adrienne create an organic unity with the new interior design concept of the Massimo Dutti store at Liat Towers

In a timely arrival, the ArtInProgress initiative by Massimo Dutti arrives in Singapore–coinciding with its refreshed interior design concept and ART SG. Elevating its status beyond a mere fashion destination, this flagship store transforms into a cultural haven, joining the global boutiques to champion local creativity. Here, the works of Jeanette Adrienne are displayed on the windows of the Liat Towers store.

Photo by Massimo Dutti

From 1 to 14 February, the exclusive exhibition transcends the conventional boundaries of retail spaces, spotlighting ceramic creations that serve as both vessels and poignant reminders of the intrinsic fluidity inherent in the ceramic medium. These works–meticulously displayed with a set design by the local artist–also transcend the conventional boundaries of art, beckoning patrons to appreciate the elegance of disorder and the allure of controlled chaos.

Taking cues from the cherry blossom season and lunar new year, Adrienne melds her background in fashion design and ceramics to add layers of complexity to these creations, exemplifying the fusion of function with style.

Photo by Massimo Dutti

In this collaboration, Jeanette’s artistic prowess introduces a unique dimension to the ambience, where control emerges from the very heart of disorder. Beyond the confines of conventional art spaces, Massimo Dutti’s commitment to cultural enrichment becomes palpable, as the store not only becomes a haven for fashion enthusiasts but also a sanctuary for art aficionados.