Meet Mokitalia, the macchinetta that makes magical coffee

Mokitalia coffee

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Howard Schultz, the mastermind behind the meteoric rise of Starbucks, once said, “I can’t imagine a day without coffee, I just can’t!” Vested interests aside, there are many of us that feel that way. A day is not a day without a cup of coffee to greet you. And while we have to be thankful that good coffee is now available from a wide variety of sources, there is nothing more rewarding that having it available right in the comfort of your own home. Enter Mokitalia.

Founded by Ettore Altamura, Mokitalia specialises in selling premium, handcrafted coffee macchinetta. Compact enough to fit into most spaces (from dining tables to office pantries), Mokitalia machines are assembled in Como, Italy, tuned to specifications set by Altamura , who has enough mechanical know-how to maintain and repair the machines himself. Available in four models – Espresso Capuccino, Espresso Plus, Sweety and Office, prices range from RM1,090 – RM2,600 (S$334 – S$821) – Altamura had scoured the long list of Italian macchinetta makers (whose numbers exceed 500) before settling on Espresso del Capitano.

Unlike the range offered by Nespresso, capsules come in a compact choice of four: blue, for decaf; the Granbar red, the Oro Crema brown and the Gold Arabica gold. Each fulfills a certain niche, and our favourite is the Oro Crema – dark, nutty and oh-so-complex.