Most expensive horse in the world: This Irish stallion has an estimated market value of $274 million

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Hold on to your horses, as this magnificent Irish stallion has an estimated worth of about US$199 million (S$274 million), making it the world’s most expensive horse

Its stud fees are privately negotiated with Coolmore Stud, but Galileo is said to be the most expensive horse in the world at the moment. This legendary stallion has won over €10 million (S$15.14 million) in prize money and has surpassed the mark of 73 G1 winners. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as this stallion has fathered more than 300 fouls, and big surprise, they are all race winning champions as well. This magnificent beast is a world phenomenon, winning countless awards and setting the benchmark for race horses substantially high. It is no surprise that this stallion is estimated to be worth around US$199 million (S$274 million).

The fight for the throne for the most expensive horse in the world is real. The title used to belong to Fusaichi Pegasus, a thoroughbred stallion sold to Coolmore Stud, Ireland, in 2000. But buying a horse is more of an investment. Those who buy these horses don’t only seek their impeccable racing abilities but also hope that these horses would father potential colts that could win them races, hence the absurd prices.

And unfortunately, Fusaichi Pegasus’ career ended shortly after its purchase and with no potential offspring to carry the baton, its value depreciated over time. Its stud fee dropped from about US$150,000 (S$206,718) to just US$7,500 (S$10,336).

The legacy continues

At 21, Galileo hasn’t got many years left in him. But he and champion hurdler dam Annie Power has a new offspring that’s been gaining the attention of many. It is not easy to live up to the expectations set by remarkable parents, but the pressure is on. It has yet to be given a name, but with the emergence of big-money horse races on the rise recently, this particular offspring of the legendary Galileo should be worth looking out for.