This Week in Luxury: Thames & Hudson pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld abodes, Michael Imperioli launches Manhattan bar, and more

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news around the world. This week’s highlights: Angelina Jolie’s store does more than garments, Bottega Veneta puts a spin on fashion marketing, and BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% comes in three versions

Karl Lagerfeld: A Life in Houses. Photo by Thames & Hudson

Karl Lagerfeld’s glamorous homes dedicated in very first publication

The book Karl Lagerfeld: A Life in Houses explores the iconic fashion designer’s remarkable homes, revealing his eclectic taste in interiors. Lagerfeld’s glamorous residences, from Paris to Biarritz, showcase meticulous design and a vibrant blend of colors and prints. The tome delves into his favorite spaces, like his extensive libraries, where he drew inspiration for his fashion collections. Each home, introduced by Marie Kalt, offers insight into Lagerfeld’s aesthetic and opulent lifestyle, providing a captivating glimpse into the private world of this influential fashion figure.

Thames & Hudson

Michael Imperioli. Photo by Scarlet

Michael Imperioli opens NYC bar

Actor Michael Imperioli, known for Sopranos and White Lotus, along with wife Victoria, has launched Scarlet, a bar and restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Collaborating with restaurateur Jeremy Wladis, they aim to recreate the beloved vibe of their previous lounge, Ciel Rouge. Designed by Victoria, Scarlet boasts a “French wartime” ambiance with red hues. The menu includes signature cocktails like the White Lotus and original creations. Open most days, Scarlet offers a sophisticated atmosphere, reminiscent of Imperioli’s previous ventures.


Mood images. Photo by Instagram (atelierjolieofficial)

Atelier Jolie to be a multi-faceted retail

Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie in New York’s NoHo neighbourhood offers more than just fashion—it’s a multi-functional space with a cafe, classes, and a gallery. Jolie, breaking away from typical celebrity fashion lines, aims for an ethical approach, establishing a committee to guide sourcing and production. The store sells Atelier Jolie pieces and sustainable fashion from other brands. Customers can customise their clothing, and the cafe, Eat Offbeat, is run by refugee and immigrant chefs. The space hosts educational events and, in the future, salons on sustainability and art.

Atelier Jolie

Pre-spring 2024 campaign. Photo by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta makes a campaign of paparazzi culture

Bottega Veneta’s groundbreaking pre-spring 2024 campaign, featuring Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky, redefines paparazzi moments. This collaboration transcends fashion and culture, merging high fashion with streetwear. The Readymade campaign transforms paparazzi images into fashion statements, emphasising the creative inspiration derived from celebrity-photographer dynamics. A$AP Rocky highlights the campaign as a “creative trifecta,” combining Bottega Veneta’s vision, his creative flair, and the artistry of tabloid photographers. Beyond clothes, the campaign tells a story, repurposing celebrity culture into a refreshingly stylish narrative, setting a precedent for authenticity in fashion marketing.

Bottega Veneta

L’Or de Vie. Photo by Dior

Dior unveils L’Or de Vie

Dior’s L’Or de Vie The Longevity Collection unveils the pinnacle of skincare innovation, harnessing the power of the legendary Yquem vine. With Golden Drop Longevity Technology, Yquem sap and ferment are transformed into a skincare elixir, reversing aging mechanisms at a cellular level. Le Sérum and La Crème synergise for optimal results, maximising the skin’s youthful radiance. The ultra-limited edition Longevity Collection, presented in white and gold lacquered wood, is a luxurious ode to timeless beauty, combining elegance and efficacy in a mere 110 numbered pieces.




MEDICOM TOY introduces the BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% Portable Bluetooth Speaker, a fusion of mechanical and audio excellence, designed in collaboration with RINARO ISODYNAMICS. With 214 new parts and 20,000 hours of engineering, this cutting-edge BE@RBRICK offers an authentic 400% design while delivering exceptional audio via QUAD’360TM omnidirectional sound technology. Simple Bluetooth connectivity, fan-centric controls, and the option to connect two speakers for stereo sound enhance the experience. The portable speaker promises up to 6 hours of listening, rapid USB-C charging, and a replaceable battery for lasting enjoyment.


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