Most expensive ice cubes: Gläce Luxury Ice Company sells ice for S$462

Gläce Luxury Ice Company

The silver lining? It’s not US$325 (S$462) per cube. You’ll be getting 50 perfectly shaped cubes and spheres for your dollar. Cool

The heat these days has been excruciating. Just today, the weather app on my iPhone indicates 33 degrees celsius, and that it “feels like 41”. Yikes. In a time like this when I’m unable to cool off by the pool, the next best thing is to turn on the air conditioning at full blast, take multiple cold showers and always keep an icy cold beverage in hand.

Enter Gläce Luxury Ice Company. As the name suggests, it sells luxury ice cubes, for US$325 (S$462) for a bag of 50 pieces. This works out to nearly S$10 per ice cube. The company claims that the ice is made from purified water that’s of higher quality, and free of impurities and carcinogens.

Each piece of ice is individually carved and packed in resealable bags, with a one-way air valve that prevents ambient air from entering the pack. Which means you’ll be able to enjoy your single malt the way it’s supposed to be.

While it may seem like a gag gift, we have to say that there is logic behind this rationale. If the shape of a glass affects the taste of wine, surely the addition of an ice cube to a whisky glass would in turn, affect the notes on the palate.

The company offers just one product in two variations: customers can select from ice in cubes or spheres, and each piece is individually wrapped, before being packed into a five-piece pouch. There’s a minimum order of 50 pieces, so ensure your freezer has enough space for at least 10 bags.

Gläce Luxury Ice Company maintains that it takes between 15 to 30 minutes for a cube, and 15 to 40 minutes for the spheres to completely melt. We’re sure the time will decrease drastically in Singapore’s heat, but there can only be one way to find out.

What about shipping? The Californian-based company packs the pouches in dry ice, and prices include priority overnight shipping within the US. I wonder how they’d do it for orders to Southeast Asia. After all, if there are people who are waving their fists over ice cubes diluting their drinks at an exponential rate, it’ll be those living near the equator.

Gläce Luxury Ice