Dig into Mediterranean deliciousness at Noa Lounge, the new restaurant at Mondrian Singapore Duxton

Noa lounge

The chef behind Noa Lounge is Alain Devahive, the same man behind Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

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If you have ever been in the Keong Saik area, odds are someone has directed you to Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, a hip spot known for its hearty Catalan fare and signature Basque cheesecake. The food is typically great, all thanks to its co-founder Alain Devahive, a talented chef who spent 10 years at the Michelin-starred elBulli.

Noa lounge
Inside Noa Lounge, a product of a reimagined Mediterranean Basin. Photo by Noa Lounge

In this same pair of talented hands is Noa Lounge at Mondrian Singapore Duxton, only three minutes away by foot. Step inside and allow your eyes to get used to the decor. It’s a little messy and a little loud, but it is the product of a reimagined Mediterranean Basin—sun-drenched, lush, charming and colourful. From the various seating areas to the island booths, the space is a blend of terrazzo, ochres, gold accents and soft green hues. Anchoring the room is a 4.5-metre-tall bar that shimmers with the promise of a good cocktail (read: order the Calypso) and conversation. While a promise isn’t always a guarantee, Michael J the bartender can always gussy something up to your fancy.

The menu bridges various Mediterranean identities. Inspired by Devahive’s (and his team’s) rich cultural heritage and travels through the region, each dish is a superb composition of the best of Spain, Egypt, Lebanon and beyond. Spherical Olives, these little drops of briny heaven, pay tribute to the now-defunct elBulli, while the Noa Bomba Crispy Meatball, densely packed with pork and beef, and deep fried to a crisp before being capped with dollops of allioli and harissa, is a Sardinian classic that’s honed for the better. Need more to start with? The Chicken Skewer in Marrakesh Style is a no-brainer.

But before you go too far with appetisers, remember you have the bigger guns to consider. Lamb Kofta with Gnocchi and Yogurt is stew at its peak, and Crispy Iberico Pork Belly speaks for itself, with or without the roasted pineapples that accompany it. 

Noa Lounge
83 Neil Road,
Singapore 089813
Tel: +65 6513 4178

Featured photo by Noa Lounge