This floating entertainment venue, by entrepreneur Daniels Ikajevs, aims to bring live music and more to the water

The Oceaya can be adapted for any event

No doubt you’ve already partied by the water, but soon you’ll be able to party on it.

Entrepreneur Daniels Ikajevs is launching what he claims is the world’s first modular floating entertainment venue next year. Oceaya will be deployed in breathtaking destinations across the globe during high seasons, providing revelers with a new spot to socialise on the waves.

Conceived by the architects at Waterstudio.NL, the engineers at Meyer Floating Solutions, and the designers at Prospect Design International, the expandable structure can change size from 372 square metres to over 1,115 square metres. The versatile design can also change shape and offers multiple different configurations to cater to any type of event. Oceaya could be a nightclub or restaurant one day and a cinema or catwalk the next. It could also be set up for weddings or other celebratory occasions.

Oceaya floating off the coast of Ibiza. Photo by Oceaya

“Oceaya is a testament to the limitless possibilities of design and entertainment,” Ikajevs said in a statement.

Oceaya will also be “a beacon of sustainability,” according to its makers. The venue will be made from eco-conscious materials and will implement sustainable practices. In addition, the Oceaya team will actively support scientific research related to local marine ecosystems, providing funding for projects aimed at combating climate change and protecting marine life in the areas where the floating venue operates. Researchers will also have access to the onboard facilities.



“The idea of Oceaya was driven by a passion for innovation,” adds Ikajevs. “In every project that my teams are involved in, we push the design and technical boundaries to create concepts the world has never seen; we are already envisioning the next venue, which will provide a new, different, unimaginable, and immersive experience.”

The design of Oceaya is not dissimilar to the floating members club Arkhaus teased in 2022. The overwater venue was initially scheduled to open in Miami in December 2022 but the launch was pushed back to the following spring and is now slated for sometime in 2024. Oceaya is expected to start buzzing across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia in 2025. Fingers crossed it doesn’t encounter the same delays as Arkhaus.

This story was first published on Robb Report USA