Persico and Zagato team up for a lightning-fast all-electric cruiser

By Rachel Cormack 6 December, 2022
Persico Zagato 100.2

The emissions-free runabout can travel around 28 nautical miles on a single charge

What do you get when a renowned Italian yacht maker joins forces with one of the country’s finest coach builders? The answer is one decidedly stylish zero-emissions “hyperboat.”

Allow us to introduce the new Persico Zagato 100.2. The fully electric eight-metre vessel was designed by Perisco Marine in partnership with the folks at Zagato. The Italian duo has combined the latest innovations from their respective industries with elegant styling to create a truly distinctive vessel.

Persico Zagato 100.2
The fully electric eight-metre-boat can reach 43.5 knots

The sleek “no-frills” body was penned in collaboration with Milanese firm Micheletti + Partners. The vessel sports a classic planning hull, but the waterline has been optimised by the team at Leading Edge to maximise efficiency for both range and speed. Crafted from advanced composite materials, the PZ 100.2 tips the scales at roughly 2,500 kg and is small enough to fit on a trailer.

Onboard, an 83 kWh lithium battery powers a special DeepSpeed electric propulsion system developed by Italian startup Sealence. The 205 kW jet-pod motor enables the vessel to reach 43.5 knots at full tilt or cruise at 26 knots sans noise and emissions. This places the PZ 100.2 at the top of its class in terms of performance, according to the designers

As for range, you can expect to cover approximately 28 nautical miles at cruising speed. You could also add another 83 kWh battery pack to extend the range to 47 nautical miles, but this will also add extra weight to the vessel and decrease its speed.

Persico Zagato 100.2
The PZ 100.2 tips the scales at about 2,500kg

Like Zagato’s coveted supercars, the powerboat will be available to very few yachting enthusiasts. Only nine hulls will be produced and individually tailored to the owner. The exact colours and finishes chosen by each seafarer will not be reproduced to ensure true exclusivity.

“The project started from a shared concept: the idea that the boat should be a collector’s piece,” Andrea Zagato, the marque’s CEO, said in a statement. “The newest most innovative technologies presently available will make the boat sustainable and destined to leave its distinctive mark, as was the case with the most valuable car models designed for uncommon customers, the ones always looking for excellence and innovation in any field.”

The nine PZ 100.2 boats will be built at the Persico Marine shipyard in Bergamo. The first hull is expected to be delivered at the end of 2023.

Persico Zagato 100.2

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