Date Night: Get a slice of Puffy Bois, only if you’re keen on great pizza and delicious drinks

Enjoy pizza by the slice or pie at Puffy Bois, where food, drink and music are equal

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If you want to do business right, you pick the one thing you’re great at and do it well. You become a master of one instead of none, and that’s what Puffy Bois is—a master of pizza, and then some.

Sam Ng (left) and Zul Zaha. Photo by Puffy Bois

What’s it like at Puffy Bois?

Walk down Bali Lane, keep your eyes peeled, and you will find Puffy Bois up a shophouse. After a few pop-ups at Caffe Fernet, Tipping Club and Meatsmith Little India, Puffy Bois has found its home in the lively neighbourhood of Bugis, where drinking and dining is usually fun, reliable and easygoing. Food, drink and music are equal here, where co-founders Sam Ng and Zul Zaha sling delicious pizza and cocktails for some 50 people, Thursdays through Mondays, 6pm to midnight.

Inside Puffy Bois. Photo by Puffy Bois

What should we order?

Honestly? Everything. There are five types of pizza available by the slice or pie—the Margherita, a classic that’s a must-order; the Pepperoni, a no-brainer; and three others that will change according to the team’s fancy. Currently, there’s Parma-Roni, a great choice if you love Parma ham, and there’s Black Clam and Spiced Artichoke. There might be saffron, squid and more vegetables in the near future, but whatever you do, order by the slice for a taste of everything. They will be served piping hot, with the cheese gooey as they should.

And if you are wondering, the crust borders Neapolitan and crusty sourdough, and is tasty enough on its own. They combine multiple types and grind grades of flour, iced water, salt and yeast until the correct texture is reached. “Love and care for the final flavour guided how much care we took in developing each step of the dough process. Some things can’t be rushed, and the specific choice of ingredients and time taken to age the dough make it that much more delicious once it gets to your face!” explains Ng.

Upper Echelon. Photo by Puffy Bois

Cocktails are just as delicious. Order the Upper Echelon, a refreshing rum- and starfruit-based drink, or the Sour Crush Cooler, if you are into mango and whiskey. There’s also wine, beer and other concoctions according to request.

What else is there to know?

Puffy Bois always welcomes the casual drop-in, but is totally open to bookings for large groups. Book the place out ahead of time and do not worry about the minimum spend—because when there’s good food and drink, why should you?

Puffy Bois
20A Bali Lane,
Singapore 189856