Robb Recommends: Limited edition chance perfumed hand creams by Chanel

By Amos Chin 19 December, 2023

The chance perfumed hand creams by Chanel manifest the Maison’s scent in the form of hand creams

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our hands become unsung heroes, facing constant exposure to external aggressors, frequent washing, and the rigours of everyday tasks. Enter Chanel’s limited edition chance perfumed hand creams, a trio infused with delicate florals—Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche, and Chance Eau Tendre—meticulously curated to lavish your hands with the care they so rightly deserve, sans any heaviness or stickiness.

Photo by Chanel

With Chance, a floral-spicy embrace comes through, exhaling a captivating blend of pink peppercorn, jasmine, and amber patchouli entwined in an aromatic dance upon the skin. Meanwhile, Chance Eau Tendre charms with a tender embrace of jasmine, enveloped in a velvety cloud of musk, complemented by a tantalising grapefruit-quince infusion. Lastly, the allure of Chanel Eau Fraîche emerges in a playful fusion of zesty citron dancing around a heart of jasmine, culminating in a sophisticated woody essence that lingers delicately on the skin. 

Crafted for connoisseurs of fragrance and beauty alike, these travel-friendly tubes reimagine the way you experience scents on-the-go. Each application not only unveils a new layer of this enchanting olfactory journey but also bestows a nourishing touch upon your hands.

Launching on 4 January 2024, the Chanel chance perfumed hand creams transcend mere functionality; they embody elegance and sophistication. Housed in chic packaging, the set asserts itself as a statement piece for your vanity, seamlessly blending style with substance, elevating your everyday routine to a luxurious indulgence.