Get a hold of this new S$64,400 perfume from Henry Jacques

By Alvin Wong 23 November, 2023

The Henry Jacques Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition fragrance courts true olfactory aficionados

Of all the things that Rafael Nadal gets up to when he is not smashing up opponents on the tennis court, concocting exclusive fragrances must rank as one of the least expected. But there he was, a winner of 22 major titles, putting his olfaction skills through the paces and emerging a winner with his debut fragrance collection, All In Intimacy, in 2022.

Made together with haute parfumerie house Henry Jacques and his wife Maria Perello, All In Intimacy comprises three scents: Rafael Nadal No. 1, Rafael Nadal No. 2, and Maria Perello. The fragrances take inspiration from Nadal and Perello’s connection with the Mediterranean and their home in Mallorca, Spain. The Rafael Nadal No. 1 is infused with notes of coriander, thyme, violet, lavender, lemon and artemisia, a native Mediterranean plant, while the Rafael Nadal No. 2 is built with notes including bergamot, jasmine, white musk, citrus, and sandalwood that are complementary to the Maria Perello scent.

Rafael Nadal, tennis champion and scent maker. Photo by Henry Jacques

This year, Henry Jacques invites you travel with the scents with minimal fuss, courtesy of the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition, a limited edition collection based on the sleek and portable titanium vessel that the brand introduced in 2021.

A stylish, monolithic rectangular housing that is tinier than a business card holder, Clic-Clac fits easily into a clutch or suit pocket. Crafted with technical expertise from the watch industry, the case features a patented clasp mechanism and gets its name from the soft, assuring sounds it makes when one opens and shuts it. The case is said to take almost four years to develop, along with tests that ran into repetitions of opening and closing it for over 200,000 times to ensure durability.

The Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal edition. Photo by Henry Jacques

Housed within every Clic-Clac case is a coin-sized metal tray that holds a Henry Jacques fragrance that has been rendered as a balm. The tray can be swapped out for any of the 50 Les Classiques scents that are a signature of Henry Jacques—in this instance, with the All In Intimacy balms that join the Brumes (spray) and Essences (liquid) offerings.

The Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal edition features a minimalist design with brushed surface decorated with an abstract, sweeping neon yellow line resembling a yellow tennis ball. Limited to 120 pieces at S$64,400 each, the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition, as it exclusivity and price tag suggests, is no ordinary scent.

Henry Jacques