Rolex 2020 collection: Highlights include the Submariner 41mm, new Oyster Perpetual and a chocolate Sky-Dweller in Everose gold

While the professional sport models are undoubtedly covetable, the biggest surprise came from the colourful Oyster Perpetual in a range of sizes

After more than six months of radio silence, Rolex finally ended the drought with a fabulous lineup that takes one of its most iconic watches to a new era. True to what the teaser videos promised on its social media account, the Submariner is the Genevan manufacture’s big highlight for the year.

Updating the watches to a slightly larger 41mm case, the crown also introduced a new Calibre 3230. Encasing it in the Submariner, while the Submariner Date continues to run on Calibre 3235.

Calibre 3230 features the famous Rolex Chronergy escapement and paramagnetic pallet fork and escape wheel. Also, it improves the watch’s power reserve to 70 hours (up from 48 hours).

The Submariner 41

Previous Submariner models measure 40mm. To accommodate the 1mm increase, Rolex had the bracelet remodelled as well, assuring a perfect fit on the wrist. The Cerachrom bezels however remain unchanged. Back in a range of three colours: black, blue and the Rolex signature green.

Submariner Ref. 124060 is now powered by new Calibre 3230, offering 70-hour power reserve

While black is and always will be the timeless classic option, collectors are doubly excited about the new green bezel with stainless steel. Those looking for a more premium Submariner are making a beeline for the blue bezel white gold model.

In addition to stainless steel, the blue and black bezels are available on yellow gold and bi-colour steel and yellow gold.

The new Oyster Perpetual collection

Rolex also took the opportunity to refresh the Oyster Perpetual collection. Retiring the 39mm and 26mm models, the crown introduces a full range of five sizes: 41mm, 36mm, 34mm, 31mm and 28mm. The larger 41mm and 36mm models also run on the new Calibre 3230.

Choose from five bright and bold lacquer dial colours, in addition to classic black, silver and blue

Touted as the sleeper hit of the year, the collection comes dressed in an explosion of bold bright lacquer dials ostensibly to attract a younger clientele. Take your pick from a fiery vermillion red and a tranquil turquoise blue, to a sporty army green, a rich vibrant yellow, and a sweet pastel pink.

This silver dial model is a throwback to a ’60s Oyster Perpetual

Those looking for more subdued tones could also go for the usual black, blue and silver dial models. The silver 41mm model in particular is a quiet tribute to a 1960s Oyster Perpetual. All models are very attractively priced at S$7,910 for the 41mm ones to S$6,780 for the 31mm range.

A truly sporty Sky-Dweller

In other news, Rolex updated the Sky-Dweller line with a new reference in Everose gold paired with either a chocolate dial or white dial. Both models, along with the yellow gold on black dial, are now available on the Rolex Oysterflex bracelet, which is actually more of a strap than bracelet. Yet it’s no ordinary rubber strap.

The Sky-Dweller looks perfectly at ease with an Oysterflex bracelet

Developed and patented by Rolex, it has a flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blade set inside the high performance black elastomer that moulds to the shape of your wrist over time. The underside of the strap also features a longitudinal cushion system that helps stabilise it on the wrist – very helpful as the gold case is rather heavy.

There are five sizes for the Oysterflex bracelet that customers can try out to select one that best suits their wrists.

The Datejust 31

Ladies looking for a sporty yet feminine watch should consider the new Datejust 31 updated with four new Rolesor references. With options in either the Oyster bracelet or Jubilee bracelet, Rolex also imbues a touch of colour to the elegant selection.

In 31mm, the Datejust Rolesor models are great for daily wear

Along with classic white and anthracite, there is cool mint green and a vivacious aubergine purple with a diamond-set bezel to consider.

The Rolex 2020 collection is now available at all Rolex authorised distributors