Sebastiano Navarra returns for a second run at Miaja Gallery

Artwork by Sebastiano Navarra

Cities That Dream

Metaphysical art first flourished in the 1910s, and like most major art periods, has seen constant waves of revival. Featuring eye-catching contrasts and playing on shadow and light, the pieces commonly exude an air of mystery. For Sebastiano Navarra, this form of art not only piqued his interest as a child, but also fittingly pays tribute to his Italian heritage.

Sebastiano Navarra
Sebastiano Navarra is of Spanish and Italian descent

After Navarra’s first foray into Singapore’s art scene last year with a solo exhibition at Miaja Gallery, he returns, this time, with artwork that leans toward the theme of futurism.

The showcase, titled Silent Cities: A Post-Metaphysical Expression, shows Navarra’s fantastical dreams of lone cities. Brightly coloured skyscrapers and structures sit on a contrasting horizon, and cast a shadow against equally striking horizontal lines. Further adding to its whimsical aura are tiny figurines like a boat, bicycle and an Egyptian sphinx that sit in the foreground. The exhibition runs until 31 August.

Miaja Gallery