SIHH 2018: Jaeger-LeCoultre Shines With A Lone Polaris Novelty

Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox SIHH 2018

50 years On

You realise just how important a novelty is to Jaeger-LeCoultre, when it marks a milestone anniversary with a single release at the SIHH 2018.

In celebration of Polaris’  50th anniversary, the brand designed a collection of contemporary-styled pieces. Inspired by the Memovox Polaris from 1968, Jaeger-LeCoultre eschewed the usual route of issuing re-editions.

It is everything you would expect from a celebratory collection. The brand rises to the occasion with five pieces: Polaris Automatic, Polaris Chronograph, Polaris Chronograph World Time, Polaris Date and a limited edition Polaris Memovox.

The highlight of course, is the Polaris Memovox. The tribute watch is very much still one for the deep diver. Especially one who enjoys a balance between vintage (it sports cream-coloured markers) and technological advancement (the piece retains its underwater alarm function).

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